GSBVH: Chapter-12


Only now, Ling Zhen realized Shen Yan Chu was here. She didn’t feel any excitement when he called her out now.

Ling Zhen causally waved her little hand, and said, “No, just stand and talk here.”

Hearing her words, Shen Yan Chu’s expression changed, and everyone in the room felt choked.

Jian Wen Yi’s eyes also turned red with an expression of a little at a loss. Initially, she had organized this dinner to meet and connect. She didn’t know that so many things would happen, and now she didn’t know how to end this dinner.

Shen Yan Chu didn’t want Wen Yi to blame herself for all of this.

So, after taking a glance at Ling Zhen, Shen Yan Chu frowned and turned to Wen Xiao Ning and said, “If you owe her money, you should  pay it back now.”

When Shen Yan Chu said that, it was tantamount to acknowledging that he had believed Ling Zhen’s words. 

And for Wen Xiao Ning, it was tantamount to being sentenced to public death by someone she had always liked.

After the main protagonist spoke, others echoed his words. 

This time, the person who lost had face became herself, Wen Xiao Ning couldn’t bear it. She gritted her teeth and quickly transferred the account from her mobile phone to Ling Zhen’s account, and then ran out crying.

Ling Zhen looked at the amount transferred and took a deep breath—there were three hundred thousand yuans in her account!

This was a lot of money!!!

Ling Zhen’s mood instantly improved, and she didn’t want to stay here and waste her time anymore.

LIng Zhen smiled and waved her hands, “Excuse me, everyone, goodbye to you all.”

The people present in the room were all became very disheartened. A good party was destroyed in a few minutes. 

And after creating such a situation, the instigator felt no burden and she even wanted to leave after getting her money.

“Don’t go, yet.” Someone asked in a weird tone, “Isn’t you the one who was always the last one to go before?”

None of them liked Ling Zhen, and someone instantly answered, “Looking at her posture, I feel she get a new love? I don’t know who she is with, but now she even dared to not give a face to us at all!”

“You are right,” Ling Zhen, who had almost walked to the door, heard those words stopped and turned around to say.

“Everyone is good and don’t contact me anymore in the future. Now, I am married and busy.”


Everyone was astonished. Was she married?

When Ling Zhen left, the woman who was sitting in the corner while bowing her head had finally revealed her face. 

The face of that woman was three points similar to Ling Zhen, and she was none other than Ling Zhen’s sister, Ling Xuan.

Ling Xuan was finally able to befriend Jian Wen Yi’s friend and get to know the circle of the wealthy people. After coming here, she didn’t dare to talk much, let alone say that she was Ling Zhen’s elder sister.

Just joking, Ling Zhen had always been ridiculed by everyone in this group, who wanted to have a relationship with her!!!

But what she didn’t expect was that Ling Zhen would take the initiative to tell everyone that she was married! 

Didn’t she love Shen Yan Chu? Or has her relationship with Wei Xi’s relationship improved?

Thinking about that man whose face was more handsome than Shen Yan Chu, and those low-key yet luxurious clothes that the man had worn, Ling Xuan’s heart jumped.

Maybe she should behave more proactively.

Ling Zhen loved to read human novels and she also secretly came down to play before. Although she had a good understanding of the human world, this was the first time that she grabbed human wealth and she was very happy.

While walking on the street, when Ling Zhen saw a departmental store, she walked in. Ling Zhen looked good and had a nice temperament, so she was frequently stopped by shopping guides for some introductions.

Ling Zhen smiled and rejected them, and slowly continued to look around. She was here to buy a small gift for Wei Xi. 

After turning around the corner, Ling Zhen’s eyes suddenly fell on an item, and a flash of inspiration suddenly hit her. 

She now knew what to gift to Wei Xi!

Wei Xi came home very late, when he opened the door, the house was quiet, but it wasn’t as dark as usual.

There was a warm yellow light lit in the living room.

Even after his marriage, nothing changed in his life. He was still alone, living by himself in a big empty house. 

But now, looking at the light, it seemed that there was someone else living here.

Wei Xi lowered his eye, pulled off his black tie with one hand, but stopped. He suddenly saw a covered meal when he passed the restaurant.

There was dinner placed on the table, a single serving size, someone had put it there for him.

Wei Xi paused, then he walked near the table and probed the temperature of the plate, it was still warm.

A place with warm light and hot food, almost made him feel unfamiliar.



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Batata Anisia
Batata Anisia
1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter 💛