GSBVH: Chapter-11



A girl sitting next to Jian Wen Yi blurted, “Money? Wen Xiao Ning, you owe Ling Zhen’s money?”

Wen Xiao Ning shook off the wine drops from her face. Because of Ling Zhen’s previous sentence, her complexion turned from pale white to bright red.

Ling Zhen was known for being destitute in the group, and now everyone knew that she owed Ling Zhen money!

Feeling Shen Yang Chu’s gaze, Wen Xiao Ning didn’t have time to care about her embarrassment. She hastily tried to explain the situation.

“She is blackmailing me!”

As soon as Xiao Ning said those words, everyone’s attention again went back to Ling Zhen. They started carefully scrutinizing her.

Although those people didn’t think Ling Zhen had the guts to blackmail Xiao Ning.

But who knew? After all, Ling Zhen was known for doing bad deeds!

The girl who previously asked that question was Jiang Mei, she was also a member of the female-lead best friend’s group. 

Jiang Mei didn’t like Ling Zhen who always pestered Shen Yan Chu, nor did she like Wen Xiao Ning’s arrogance, so she was very happy watching dog biting dog drama.

Jiang Mei pretentiously asked, “What the fuc*? Ling Zhen, did you blackmail Wen Xiao Ning? Xiao Ning, you can call the police to help you.”

As soon as Jiang Mei spoke, Wen Xiao Ning cursed her in her heart. This woman always wanted to add more chaos.

To control the situation, Xiao Ning quickly eased her tone and said, “Ahh, there is no hurry, I…”

Before Wen Xiao Ning could finish her words, a clear voice interrupted.


Ling Zhen, who was at the center of the incident, was very calm. 

With a slight smile, Ling Zhen said, “It just happens that I also have something to tell the police.”

Wen Xiao Ning stared at Ling Zhen’s cool expression, and somehow she felt a bad premonition.

Without giving anyone time to react, Ling Zhen took out her mobile phone and turned on a recording. 

A conversation reverberated inside the room.

“It took me two days to get such a big discount from them. Without me, you won’t get such a cheap price..”

“Thank you for your hard work, but how much did this salon promise you?”

Wen Xiao Ning answered, “Sixty Thousand.”

The recording stopped at that point.

Ling Zhen greeted Wen Xiao Ning’s stunned  expression with a bright and innocent look, and said, “You have lied to me and fooled me with the beauty salon, do you want to go and ask the police for help?”

Everyone in the room became silent, their expressions were difficult to explain in words.

Wen Xiao Ning didn’t know Ling Zhen would record that conversation. 

She was referring now, if she hadn’t been greedy for those few thousand dollars, then there would be no such thing as today!

Jiang Mei was also shocked, after a while she sneered and asked, “Xiao Ning, you did it.”

Ling Zhen was so poor, and Wen Xiao Ning could even cheat money from her. 

Wasn’t this even lower than Ling Zhen’s?

Looking at everyone’s eyes, Wen Xiao Ning panicked.

“She is lying! The recording is fake, I…”

Shen Yan Chu, who had been silent from the beginning, spoke.


Listening to Shen Yan Chu’s command, Wen Xiao Ning became like a bird that was pinched by its throat. She became completely silent.

Ling Zhen followed the voice and glanced at a rather handsome man. The man had an angular face with deep eyes and high-brow bones.

Shen Yan Chu was feeling complicated, looking at Ling Zhen, he felt very strange.

He had always hated Ling Zhen for sticking to him like candy, but today since Ling Zhen walked inside the room, she didn’t even glance at him.

Shen Yan Chu stood and walked towards Ling Zhen and said, “Stop making trouble. Go out and talk.”

At that time, they felt an aftertaste, wasn’t Ling Zhen deliberately behaving pitiful in front of Yan Chu! She played the whole show to attract his attention!

Take a look, as a result, Yan Chu himself took the initiative to talk! 

This Ling Zhen had some skills!!


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Batata Anisia
Batata Anisia
1 year ago

Yes yes, all she does is to stole his attention (ʘ言ʘ╬)

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Thank you so much updating 💝

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update? 🥺