GSBVH: Chapter-10


After quickly replying to Jian Wen Yi, Ling Zhen tried to start a conversation with Wei Xi. Based on the universal principle of “communication is the first step in enhancing any relationship.”

“That…” While holding a cup, Ling Zhen asked, “How was your sleep? Did you sleep well?”

Just as she finished speaking, the temperature of the dining room plummeted by three degrees.

Again the magical song of last night echoed in Wei Xi’s ear. 

Ling Zhen became scared and played the song, to calm him down.

With a hint of irritability, Wei Xi’s dark eyes narrowed and he said, “Your song, try to play it again, and see if I’ll throw you out or not.”

Ling Zhen pursed her lips in sorrow. 

Why did he suddenly become so fierce to her?

Getting no response from the person, Wei Xi raised his eyes and looked at the panicked eye of the girl.

Wei Xi frowned.

She was scared again. Was he so scary?

If he had asked Ling Zhen, she might have thrown several pages of answer on his cold face.

Scary, he was more than scary. He was the devil. 

The dining table was shrouded in silence again, Wei Xi became a little irritable, and was about to get up and leave when his hand was swiftly grabbed by someone.

Ling Zhen was looking at him with a serious face, she was holding his hand with both of her hands. 

Ling Zhen slowly turned Wei Xi’s hand and pressed his palm with her small fingers.

“This is Laogong Point…” While speaking, Ling Zhen pressed the point twice and carefully stared at Wei Xi. 

“It helps to calm your mind. You can try to massage it when you get angry.”

She added, “Don’t be angry, okay.”

The small and delicate fingers slowly rubbed Wei Xi’s palm, giving him a kind of inexplicable feeling. 

Wei Xi stiffened but he didn’t withdraw his hand.

He wasn’t angry, but he didn’t explain in the end.

Ling Zhen had a good sleep last night. Today, her eyes were more bright and energetic, and her complexion too had improved. With the help of a life-spirit bead, she had more or less restored half of her fairy appearance. 

So, Ling Zhen was in a good mood, when she went out in the evening.

The original owner originally wanted to be a screenwriter, but to chase the male lead, Shen Yan Chu, she changed her career and became an eighteenth-line actress. 

The all the money the original owner had saved doing odd roles in the fil industry for several years went into the cosmetic treatment in the beauty salon.

The original owner didn’t even spend money on clothes, she mostly had clothes with bright colors and too many patterns that could attract people’s attention. 

The taste was really bad. 

Ling Zhen was very happy, after finally finding a simple white knee-length dress in the original owner’s closet. The dress had a straight neckline decorated with lustrous and translucent beads, the sleeves were of lantern design.

The dress was ordinary, but when she wore it with her swan neck, and slender waistline, she looked very graceful.

After dressing up, Ling Zhen went to the place that Jian Wen Yi asked her.

She arrived at the room booked by Jian Wen Yi with the guidance of the waiter. She was a little late, so before she opened the door and went inside, she heard the conversation going in the room first.

“What? Ling Zhen took Wen Yi’s picture before going to get the plastic surgery?”

Listening to their conversation, Ling Zhen raised her eyebrows.

Then Wen Xiao Ning’s voiced out, “It’s so disgusting, isn’t it?”

Ling Zhen had destroyed her plan, even her friend who run the beauty salon fought with her when she asked for the money. 

Wen Xiao Ning’s heart was full of resentment, so she naturally wanted to talk bad about her. 


“It’s so disgusting, does she have a psychological problem?”

Shen Yan Chu didn’t speak a word, but his face was getting ugly. 

Jian Wen Yi was feeling even more uncomfortable when she thought of someone having the same face.

Looking at their reaction, Wen Xiao Ning had a distorted sense of joy in her heart. She would let Ling Zhen take back the money happily. She would make sure to outcast her from their circle.

“We should avoid her in the future, this woman has some psychological problems…”

Before Xiao Ning could complete her words, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open by someone.

A crisp sound of high-heels sounded, and a slender figure walked inside the room.

The hot conversation in the room abruptly stopped, everyone stared at her. After a long time, someone spoke “Ling Zhen” in shock.

The woman who came had a calm expression and a straight posture. When she walked her dress was flickering, like a fairy walking on the ground.

Was this the humble, flattering, and weird Ling Zhen?

This woman was so graceful, she gracefully walked and took the wine glass from Song Zhao’s hand, and then gracefully splashed it over Wen Xiao Ning’s face.

It was already very hard for a fairy, like her to live on the earth, and to tolerate such slander behind her back, it was just too much.


“Ling Zhen, what are you doing?”

Ling Zhen threw the empty wine glass back on the table, and while looking at Wen Xiao Ning she said, “Apologies.”

With a slight smile, she added, “Trouble you, quickly pay back the money.”



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1 year ago

Yesss, that wine splash is the signal for the sweetest revenge to begin. Thank you for the chapter!

1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter