GSBVH: Chapter-1


Drip. Drop

“The line is marked here, the mandibular area should be removed, and the fat pad near the buccal cavity should be taken out.”

“Why does she need plastic surgery, when she looks like this?”

“I heard she wants to chase Shen Yan Chu.”

Wasn’t he the male lead of the drama ‘The Road to Obsessiveness’?

After hearing those inexplicable words, Ling Zhen felt numb and tried to move. But, as she moved, she felt a cold iron tool touching her face.

In the half-conscious state, she was scared to death with the touch of the knife on her face. She was so terrified that she instantly opened her eyes.

The plastic surgeon who was holding the scalpel was caught off guard when he saw the piercing eyes of the patient.

The surgeon took a step back in fright.

“What are you doing? What the hell is going on?”

Ling Zhen sat up and looked around, this place looked quite strange, not like her fairy palace.

After integrating the information of this place, she found that the original body was undergoing plastic surgery for ‘Shen Yan Chu’.

She also knew what would happen after this surgery.

The original body’s plastic surgery would fail and she would become ugly. Then the news that she had got plastic surgery for another man would reach her mother-in-law’s ears.

This news would anger her mother-in-law, causing the already ill elder to die. With the last relative dead, her husband would blacken and turn into a violent villain.

He would put her into a mental hospital and then slowly torture her to death.

It wasn’t that Ling Zhen could predict the future, but because this was the plot of a dog-blood novel, she just finished reading in heaven.

Ling Zhen was an honorable fairy in heaven. It was her fate that caused her to transmigrate in this book as a character with the same name as her. 

When she opened her eyes, she had already become the stupid female partner in the book. 

Ling Zhen wanted to cry. This canon fodder had no good future.

The female partner already had a husband, but she still couldn’t leave the male-lead, Shen Yan Chu.

She had been in love with him for so many years, but the male-lead and his friends didn’t take her seriously. 

She was jealous of the female lead, Jian Wen Yi’s face. And stupidly thought that if she looked like her, then Shen Yan Chu would love her.

However, this plastic surgery was the starting point of all her miseries.

The doctors and nurses were frightened and tremblingly looked at Ling Zhen and said, “Ms. Ling, you should first lie down.”

Lie down, my ghost!

Fortunately, she transmigrated before this surgery otherwise everything would have been repeated. From ‘killing her mother-in-law to blackening her ex-husband and finally her death’ all things were linked to this surgery.

Fortunately, she still had an intact face and didn’t send the divorce papers to her husband.

Her husband wasn’t blackened yet and her life was at the moment.

Ling Zhen thought, first she should save him and stop the chance of him being blackened. This was the only way for her to survive in this world without being sent to the mental hospital. 

Thinking about it, she walked out of the operating room.


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