Chapter-7 Wash Clothes (Part-1)


“Aren’t the six of us the only one to wash the clothes? Why is someone else here?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Is this person a man or a ger?”

“Are you an idiot? This person is Li Jin.”

“He is even holding a soap and washing board. Is he here to wash his clothes?”

Li Jin followed the group of women to the river while keeping his distance.

The river had knee-deep water with small rocks and crabs at the bottom. The water is crystal clear. 

Usually, women and gers came here to wash their clothes.

The villagers have verbally decided that only six households could wash their clothes at a time.

The river was divided into an upstream and a downstream part. Those who took the upstream position to wash their clothes had an advantage over others. 

To deal with this problem, six stone piers are placed upstream to wash clothes, so only six people could wash their clothes at a time.

When Li Jin came, he saw all the women had already taken their space.

When these women saw Li Jin truly came to wash his clothes, the last woman occupying the sixth pier left her place for Li Jin.

“Li Jin, you came to wash your clothes right. Just take my place and wash it.”

The woman moved towards the fifth pier and said, “Sister, I will have to wash my clothes with you today. I only have a few clothes to wash and it won’t take much time.”

“Come.” The woman at the fifth pier moved and made someplace for the other woman.

“Thank you.” Li Jin didn’t understand much of their custom and could only thank them.

After hearing thank you from Li Jin, those women quietly looked at him for a moment and again started washing their clothes. 

Qin Mu Wen also had an allocated position on the dock but it was not today. Because of the numerous households in the village, the day and position were assigned to each household.

Li Jin didn’t want to leave the dirty clothes inside the house, hence he came here to wash those clothes by himself.

Li Jin’s washing action was very weird, he had to wash those clothes by using this era soap and best this cloth using the washboard to which he was quite new.

The women spied on Li Jin but were embarrassed to speak to him.

In this era, men and women need to strictly maintain their distance and obey the classics.

This river was the only way to go in and out of the village. The big man who had pulled Li Jin out of the tavern in the morning was coming back. 

When this man passed by the river, he had found a man washing clothes by the river, and he looked quite familiar.

When he came closer, he saw the man was Li Jin.

The man quickly walked closer to the river and shouted, “Li Jin, is it really you!”

Li Jin looked, and he saw the man who sent him back in the morning. Li Jin labeled this man as a ‘good old man’ in his heart.

Li Jin replied, “Yes.”

The man left the ox-cart and tired the ox to the stone and took a closer look at Li Jin.

He saw Li Jin was washing clothes pretty decently while using washing soap and washboard.

The big man got happy and said, “Li Jin, you know how to wash clothes. I really hope someone could paint your picture right now so that I could frame that picture and send it to your husband.”

And then added, “He could use this picture to threaten you in the future if you bullied him again.”

Li Jin was speechless, “…”

Li Jin saw his appearance in the water, and his appearance looked quite similar to his previous life.

The only difference was probably the age difference and the maturity level. Like Qin Mu Wen, this boy was somewhat 17-18 years old.

When the man saw, Li Jin was still washing his clothes, he planned to stay and looked at it for a while. Anyway, his legs had a cramp so he had to wait for some time before going back.

“Your husband has given birth to a boy. So you decided to come out and wash the clothes?”

Li Jin frowned and replied, “Everything is good if both father and son are safe.” 

The cute little child was his and that teenager, it didn’t matter even if the child was a boy or a ger.

The big man got excited and said, “Li Jin, you are a father now, and you should take your responsibilities. In the morning, I didn’t have time to tell you something. Before your mother died, she had asked to look after you.”

Li Jin nodded and found this man helped him because of his mother.

“But Li Jin, I can’t daily chase and bring you back. I had already decided, if you didn’t change after having a baby, I will definitely teach you a lesson after coming back from the market. But it seems, you have become responsible now.”

After washing the clothes, Li Jin squeezed out the water and put the washed clothes in the tub. 

“Thank you, and I won’t behave irresponsibly again.”


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