Chapter-6 A’Jin (Part-2)


Even though Li Jin knew how to cook and clean, but he had no talent in needlework. 

Maybe this teenager would know how to wash this dirty quilt, but it’s better to not bother him. 

Anyway, this quilt was very dirty, maybe he should discard it.

The two new mattresses he took from Li Daniu should be enough for now.

While lying comfortably under the covers, Qin Mu Wen thought about Li Jin, and from did Li Jin brought these mattresses.

Li Jin discarded useless stuff and went to the kitchen to tidy it up.

After cleaning everything, Li Jin tried to recall the ‘Maternity Care’ he had learned in medical school.

The state of the mother’s emotions was the most important thing in maternity care, as he recalled.

‘Postpartum depression’ was not a light thing.

When Li Jin came back to the room, he carefully looked at the newborn baby. 

The child looked very cute with a red mole on his eyebrows.

Qin Mu Wen wasn’t asleep, when Li Jin came he blinked at him.

While casually sitting on the bed’s edge, Li Jin asked him, “Are you feeling cold?”

Mu Wen looked at Li Jin and shook his head.

Li Jin again asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?”

This time, Mu Wen shook his head and also added in a low voice, “No.”

“If you are feeling any pain, you have to tell me. Ok.”

The teenager opened his mouth as if he wanted to tell Li Jin something, but in the en,d he didn’t speak, more like he didn’t dare to speak.

At the same time, some memories like photos flashed by Li Jin’s head.

“Husband? Are you worthy of calling me your husband?”

The youth was kneeling on the ground while sobbing, and said, “I was wrong. I won’t dare, never again.”

But the youth was still punched and kicked.

It took a while for Li Jin to come out of the shock, he didn’t dare to imagine how hard this youth had persisted to live till now.

Li Jin looked at Qin Mu Wen and said, “I am Li Jin. Li for dawn, and Jin for bright future. You can call me Li Jin or their husband, whatever you want. “

Li Jin didn’t say sorry for the past two years of trauma this boy had faced. 

He knew a verbal apology meant nothing after hurting someone. He should show his apology through his actions to make up for the hurt the original owner gave this teenager.

After a while, a clear voice sounded in the room, “A’Jin.”

After speaking this name, the boy buried himself in the quilt.

Qin Mu Wen didn’t dare to see Li Jin’s reaction. He had no courage to call Li Jin, ‘Husband’. He felt like the current Li Jin was different from the previous one, so he didn’t want to call him by the previous name.

He didn’t want to call him wrongly and anger Li Jin. 

Li Jin chuckled and said, “I like this name.”

After hearing this reply, Mu Wen’s tense nerve relaxed and soon he fell asleep.

Li Jin looked around the room, he found the room was about a dozen square meters. Beside the wooden bed, there was only a small cabinet present in the room. 

The cabinet looked expensive probably it was the most expensive thing in the room.

There were no other cabinet or closet present in the room other than the two bamboo baskets. One was for dirty clothes, and another was for miscellaneous things.

Li Jin found a soap on the window still, which he could to wash the dirty clothes.

Li Jin found seven-eight copper plates hidden in the bottom of the dirty clothes basket. Maybe the boy had hidden them from the original owner.

Li Ji didn’t touch those plates and left for washing those dirty clothes first.

After Li Jin saw a glimpse of how the original owner had interacted with the boy, he guessed, he would soon remember the name of the youth too.

He couldn’t ask his name directly otherwise the boy might doubt him.

Li Jin didn’t know that the original owner had never asked for the boy’s name.

The original owner had always considered the boy as a dispensable object, then why would he waste his time to know the name of a ger.

When Li Jin was coming back by the ox-cart, he saw some women walking with tubs towards the river.

He packed the washing soap, tub, washboard, and dirty clothes. And set off to wash them in the river.


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2 years ago

Thank you for translating this story. I can’t wait to see how he redeems this not very nice character.

2 years ago
Reply to  martha

Thank you for reading…

4 months ago

I kinda find it funny that I know what’s gonna happen next. Still I’m excited!