Chapter-6 A’Jin (Part-1)


Qin Mu Wen was crying with a pale face while holding the baby carefully and gently rubbing the back to appease him.

Qin Mu Wen’s action was full of love and care, even if his face had no color on it.

Li Jin chuckled while readying the bed and said, “This child really loves you. When you hugged him, he had stopped crying.”

Li Jin tidied up the mattress and put it on the vacant side of the bed. He checked the thickness of the mattress for comfortable sleep.

Just one mattress was enough for making a comfortable bed, but it was still far away from the modern mattresses.

Li Jin asked Mu When, “What kind of bed do you like? Soft or Hard?”

Qin Mu Wen was left speechless for a while, before this Li Jin had never asked for his opinion.

Mu Wen asked to recheck in a very soft voice, “Me, you have asked me?”

After giving birth, Mu When looked more pale and thin. His voice was very soft, not like a woman’s voice but still, it had immense peace and tranquillity in it.

Li Jin didn’t laugh much, in his past life as a doctor he had to watch life and death regularly.

Many times he had to outline the cause of death of those patients and discuss it with other doctors. 

He didn’t laugh or cry and always tried to maintain a stoic face while dealing with crying or laughing patients and their families.

Putting up a straight face had become an unconscious action of Li Jin. He didn’t even know when was the last time he had laughed.

But now watching this awkward boy caring for a baby, he smiled unconsciously.

Li Jin rubbed Mu Wen’s head and smilingly asked, “Whom do you think I have asked this? If not you then should I ask this child?”

After a while Mu Wen replied, “One is good.”

Li Jin knew there was one more mattress at the home, he could always add it if Mu Wen was uncomfortable.

Then he spread the clean bed-sheet on the bed and took the baby roughly from Qin Mu Wen’s arms as plucking the reddish from the field.

The child started crying immediately. 

Qin Mu Wen was stunned. He was already scared that Li Jin wouldn’t like a brother as his child, even this baby was his first child.

But now glancing at Li Jin’s attitude he didn’t know what to think. Li Jun was neither excited nor acted detached from the child.

Li Jin bent and hugged Mu Wen’s back with one hand and with another hand on his knees then carried him to the other side of the bed, just like earlier when Mu Wen was troubled in giving birth. 

During childbirth when Mu Wen was tortured by the labor pain, Li Jin had hugged him.

Mu Wen was able to hear Li Jin’s steady heartbeat and inhaled Li Jin’s cleanly bathed body smell.

Qin Mu Wen blushed while remembering the hug. 

Li Jin asked Mu Wen to keep holding on to his neck when he wiped Mu Wen’s clean before placing him on the clean side of the bed.

There was no teasing in his actions, Li Jin was taking care of Mu When as a family member took care of the patient.

Li Jin hurriedly made the bed and then tightly covered Mu Wen with the quilt.

Li Jin asked, “Where do you put your clothes?”

Mu Wen only had two sets of clothes. He was wearing one set and the other set was in the closet.

Li Jin took the other set of clothes and changed Mu Wen in a clean set of clothes. 

The trousers are clearly oversized, maybe it was adjusted to the pregnancy. 

After changing the trousers of Mu Wen, Li Jin put the diaper on the baby. And then tightly wrapped the baby in some old clothes, to keep him warm.

Even though it’s summertime, a newborn baby must be kept warm all the time.

Li Jin squeezed both the father and the child under one quilt and folded the dirty quilt and the mattress.


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