Chapter-5 I Lack Everything, Just Don’t Lack Money (Part-1)


Su Ci had already found the role of a maidservant serving tea to the second female lead for Ji Yao Guang, without Bian Yu Ting’s help.

The shooting was going to start in two days and Ji Yao Guang was very excited about it. She could now meet Chang Yu daily.

Ji Yao Guang knew Chang Yu would still be angry with her. That’s why, even though she knew Chang Yu’s address, she didn’t dare to visit her or tried to live in that building.

“Don’t create trouble. Everything will be alright.” Ji Yao Guang bitterly said to herself.

Yao Guang was sitting in the car while poking her mobile phone screen ruthlessly. The comment section of her last post became a battle-field.

But still, Chang Yu had not responded to her post yet.

Chang Yu had neither announced their divorce news nor she had followed Yao Guang to show everything was right between them.

After scrolling for a while, Ji Yao Guang simply forwarded the message from the movie crew to her Weibo.

This movie ‘Ning Chen’ was an adapted version of the novel of the same name. The ardent fans of the novel were guessing which actor would play which role.

When the list of actors announced, there was an uproar on Weibo. Fans of the actors and the original novel fans quarreled among themselves.

People had divided opinions on the casting of this film. The original fans were looking forward to watching their favorite characters come to life, and on other hand, they were scared of some unqualified actor ruining it. 

But, those fans had no problem with Chang Yu playing the female lead, Chang Yu was good-looking and a talented actor with an impeccable stage presence.

The main problem was the casting of the second female lead. Once a fan guessed that Ji Yao Guang would play this role, which had caused trollers to troll her ruthlessly.

But, now the list of actors came, Li Yao Yao was selected to play the second female less. 

Yao Yao was just another pretty face with worthless talent. She had played some roles of typical Mary Su in the youth campus drama.

Someone even commented under the actor list, ‘She is not even good as Ji Yao Guang.’ 

Reading that comment, Ji Yao Guang chuckled. Su Ci got shocked by the sound, when she turned, she saw Yao Guang was holding a pillow and was looking with her mobile phone. 

Su Ci ground her teeth and grabbed her phone, and in a hard voice said, “Why are you laughing at? Can you be a little serious? It took me so much hard work to find some role for you. But here you are wanting to play the role of a maidservant. The character was humble and was almost non-existent in the drama.”

Su Ci continued, “Yao Guang, the more you grow the more backward you walk. Acting skills could always be upgraded but at least try to save your honor first. How could you play a maidservant role at this point of your career?”

Ji Yao Guang blinked and replied innocently, “I know my acting is not good, that’s why I want to start from low roles and then improve it.” 

Su Ci didn’t believe her nonsense and said, “Don’t speak, as if I don’t know you. Are you telling me you are attracted by Director Li Ou’s reputation? But if I remember correctly, you had vowed to never act in his drama, when he criticized your acting skills.”

Su Ci added, “But, what changed now? Chang Yu being a part of this drama. I have no idea what kind of contradiction you two had. But if you keep working like this, the company will freeze you and then fire me?”

Ji Yao Guang smiled and patted Su Ci’s hand and said, “Sister Su, I will hire you, if the company fired you.”

“You?” Su Ci asked with a questioning look. 

Su Ci jokingly asked, “How much money do you have? Don’t tell me I have to sleep under the bridge when such time will come.”

Ji Yao Guang reassured her, and said, “I can lack everything, but what I don’t lack is money.”


Su Ci sized up Yao Guang and said, “Don’t talk like an illegitimate daughter of some boss of some big companies.”

There was no information regarding Ji Yao Guang’s parents on the internet, only Chang Yu’s name was mentioned in the column of the spouse. 

The more Su Ci thought about this, the more she believed it could be true. 

But after looking at Ji Yao Guang, Su Ci remembered, Yao Guang endured many harassments and encountered many problems. It wouldn’t be the scene if she had a rich background.

Ji Yao Guang’s background was still a mystery for her. 

Ji Yao Guang laughed and said in a nice voice, “You could guess.”


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2 years ago

Wow the MC is doing everything she can to get in her waifu’s good grades.

Thanks for translating.

2 years ago

Thanks for the Chapter!~
You Can Guess~~~

2 years ago

Thanks for the Chapter!
You Can Guess~~~