Chapter-5 Giving Birth (Part-2)


Qin Mu Wen was beautiful with white skin and a red mole on the eyebrow. The gentle temper of his could make any man lose control.

Hearing the cry of the child, his heart collapsed and he wanted to give everything he had to the child.

Qin Mu Wen took the child and felt Li Jin was different now, but his words were still doubtful.

How could he see the child’s face look like him? The child was looking all red with small eyes.

Didn’t fathers always want their kid to look like themselves? Then why Li Jin had told him that the child was looking like him?

Qin Mu Wen was only able to see the child’s face partially while lying, but still, he was intently looking at the child, while Li Jin helped Mu Wen to stroke his lower belly to let the placenta fall off naturally.

Li Jin saw the dirty mattress under the boy’s body and thought how to wash it.

Li Jin left the room to find some bedding, but he was only able to find some clothes of the original owner.

Li Jin asked, “Are there some mattresses at home?”

Qin Mu Wen slowly recovered and looked down only to find he was not sleeping on a hard bed but a mattress.

He didn’t know what the boy was called yet, it was a sin.

At this time, the boy also recovered. Only now did he feel that he was sleeping on the mattress instead of the hard wooden bed.

Seeing the look of the young man, Li Jin knew there was no more.

No matter how dull the boy was, he felt a little sticky under his body…

Just when he wants to move, he felt very sore in his waist, and his lower back was very painful.

The current pain, compared with the pain when giving birth to a child, is nothing short of the difference.

When Qin Mu Wen tried to move, he felt some pain in his lower body. Li quickly stopped him, “You don’t have to move, just take a rest. I will manage it on my own.”

Li Jin went to meet Li Daniu, he looked around the village to find the most luxurious house. As the village chief, his house would be the most lavish. 

Li Daniu was coming back after plowing his fields when he met Li Jin, he asked, “Is the child born?”

Forced to be helpless, Li Jin went to Li Daniu’s house again. After all, standing at the entrance of the village and looking around, it is the house of Li Daniu and the house of the village chief that is the most lavish.

It happened that Li Daniu came back after plowing the land. After seeing Li Jin, Li Daniu said, “Did the child give birth?”

Li Jin replied, “Yes, the child is born.”

Li Daniu asked again, “Then why are you not with your wife and guarding my door?”

Li Jin said, “I have come here to borrow something from you.”

Li Jin said, “There is no mattress at home. I want to borrow two mattresses from you and one quilt. If you have some child’s diaper or something like that, it would help me.”

Li Jin told him, “As for the repayment I will quickly pay you back, and as an interest, I will help you solve the chess move whenever you need.”

Li Daniu wanted to say he doesn’t need to pay back but learning about the interest, Daniu became very excited, and said, “I have to first test your skill. Let’s play a game first.”

Li Jin humbly replied, “The father and child are waiting for me at home. I will play with you some other time.”

Li Daniu said, “Okey, I will get some fresh mattress for you, it was sewn by my wife. You have saved efforts to sell it in the market.”

So Li Jin went back with the mattresses and some clothes. The village chief was really the richest in the village.

Qin Mu Wen was not able to stand due to the pain, and he was getting very anxious sitting all by himself.

Why had Li Jin left him after treating him so tenderly? Did Li Jin go to the brothel to get drunk again? Would Li Jin leave him, after he gave birth to his child?

Qin Mu Wen didn’t cry while giving birth to the child, but now he was crying.

The child was sleeping peacefully beside Mu Wen, but when he saw his father crying, he also started crying.

After Li Jin came back, he saw the scene of both father and son crying together. 

Qin Mu Wen tried to sit upon the dirty mattress, but his body still felt sticky even after Li Jin wiped his body with water. 

When Qi Mu Wen sat, he saw the whole face of the child. He started crying all over again.

Why did this child have a red mole on his brows? Why was his child a ger?


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Ahhhh so pitiful 😞