Chapter-5 Giving Birth (Part-1)


Qin Mu Wen thought he was dreaming after hearing Li Jin’s words.

From the time his father was removed from the court and became a prisoner, his and his family life took a one-eighty degree turn. 

Because of him being ger, he was able to avoid going to exile like his other brothers or sent to the brothel like his sisters.

But, Mu Wen’s fate was even worse because he was going to be sold by those traffickers to a man. 

To avoid suspicion, those traffickers first furnished his dead report and then sold him in a remote village.

Qin Mu Wen was taller than the average man with his impressive 1.8 meters height. He had never given a thought about what his better half would look like.

Qin Mu Wen was not discontented when he saw Li Jin. Li Jin was good-looking with a high nose and phoenix eyes.

Li Jin’s true character was exposed after their marriage. Li Jin had no potential but had high self-esteem. He always looked down on others.

 Li Jin continuously humiliated him for being a ‘ger’. 

Li Jin always went to the brothel to meet the star dancer, when he was not able to meet her because of the lack of money, he would get drunk and beat Mu Wen.

All the expectations Mu Wen had with Li Jin was slowly broken.

Qin Mu Wen was soft-tempered, he knew, even his father was an official, but as a ger, he could only be a side wife.

Qin Muwen’s father is the concubine room of Lord Minister, and it is because of his good manner that he was allowed by the mistress to have the lord’s child.

Qin Mu Wen’s father was taken as a  concubine, he was born after two year of their marriage.  

Mu Wen knew as a ger giving birth was very hard, and he didn’t want to die. 

Qin Mu Wen’s hands were firmly grasped by Li Jin, as a ger his body was already weak but with this immense pain, he was at the end of the rope.

Li Jin spoke calmly, “You don’t have to push blindly, do it in a  rhythm, or it will take too much of your energy.”

Qin Mu Wen was sobbing because of the pain, and he wasn’t able to react after hearing his words.

Li Jin slowly said, “You have to inhale and relax then exhale and push. Try not to scream to save your energy.”

Li Jin tried to guide him for ten minutes, then Qin Mu Wen hurriedly grabbed his hands fiercely.

Li Jin was tall, so he was able to see the child’s head even when Mu Wen was sitting on his legs.

Li Jin’s tense emotions also relaxed, and he happily said, “The child’s head is about to come out, and if you put more effort, it will be born soon.”

Don’t rest at this time, give birth in one go.

About ten minutes later, the child’s head came out completely.

Li Jin supported Qin Mu Wen’s back and put a pillow behind him, so could take a support on it.

He quickly cleaned his hands and skillfully carried the child out.

Li Jin sanitized the scissor with the lamp’s fire and cut the umbilical cord of the child. 

The clear sound of the child’s crying came.

Li Jin carefully held the child and gave it to Mu Wen, and with a smile, he said, “This child looks as beautiful as you.”


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Hey gentle man , don’t be a scum . You have to resolve your wife’s resentment towards the former owner of your body first .