Chapter-4 Look At You (Part-2)


Bian Yu Ting asked her to come to a bar, the place is deserted in the day but came alive at the night with the ambiance filled with alcohol everywhere.

Ji Yao Guang covered her face and went to the bar like a thief. She didn’t want others to recognize her here.

“Why did you call me here, I have to put so much effort to come here?” Ji Yao Guang asked as she came in.

“You wanted to be a professor when you were young. But why did you choose this circle even though you can’t act.” Bian Yu Ting mercilessly pierced her.

Ji Yao Guang became unhappy and replied, “Aren’t you doing the same?”

Bian Yu Ting smiled and said, “Are we doing the same? Unlike you, I am not getting a divorce.”

Ji Yao Guang breathing paused, last time she and Chang Yu divorced in flash without her friends and family knowledge.

Ji Yao Guang knew Bian Yu Ting called her for this. 

From her relationship to her marriage with Chang Yu, Bian Yu Ting never expressed her opinion on Chang Yu. 

But Yao Guang knew that Yu Ting was satisfied with Chang Yu. 

Watching Ji Yao Guang silent, Bian Yu Ting helplessly said, “Why are you so silent now, I heard a lawyer came to prepare for your and Chang Yu divorce. Are you really going to divorce her?

“I am not going to divorce her, and all of this was my fault.” 

Bian Yu Ting became a little anxious and hastily said, “Yao Guang you have chased Chang Yu for such a long time, now you want to leave her for someone else?”

These words reminded Ji Yao Guang of her memory when she saw Chang Yu hugging the other women.

Maybe without her, Chang Yu would be happy but she was not willing to leave her. She was a very selfish person.

“No, I don’t want this.” Ji Yao Guang denied and spoke in a low voice, “I will change her mind about the divorce.”

Bian Yu Ting signed in relief, she looked at Ji Yao Guang with a firm look and asked, “How do you plan to chase her?”

Ji Yao Guang stared at Bian Yu Ting and said, “I need your help for this.”

“If I was able to chase someone, then I wouldn’t be single till now?” Bian Yu Ting grunted. 

Ji Yao Guang glared at Bian Yu Ting, and said, “Chang Yu has left the house. I do not want to irritate her again so I didn’t stop her. I have heard that Chang Yu had picked ‘Ning Chen’ movie but the casting has been decided. I want your help to join the crew.” 

Bian Yu Ting smiled and said, “I will help you enter the crew. What kind of role do you want to act?”

Ji Yao Guang was somewhat scared of the director Li Ou yelling, she shivered and hurriedly said, “Please don’t. Li Ou will kill me for dragging down the crew and ruining his film. You just have to help me find a small role, I only want to stay in the presence of Chang Yu.”

Bian Yu Ting stared at her mockingly.


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Thanks for the Chapter!~
I Hope This Time MC~
You Can Change Your Dreaded Fate~
Ah But Be a Good Person Okay?~