Chapter-4 Look At You (Part-1)


Crying would not solve her problem, Ji Yao Guang knew the rift between her and Chang Yu was deep.

The emotions compiled over the past three years of agony and pain needed a release.

Ji Yao Guang sat while crying and laughing at the same time remembering their past.

She first met Chang Yu in the freshmen year. There was no shortage of beautiful people in college, but when her shoulders brushed against Chang Yu, she got immediately attracted to her.

Chang Yu was wearing a military uniform. It was love at first sight, which got deepened with understanding her.

What she loves waa not the beautiful face of Chang Yu, but her soul. 

Chang Yu had numerous suitors as soon as she entered the college, many of them were very talented.

Ji Yao Guang strong self-confidence turned into immense anxiousness while facing Chang Yu.

The uneasiness she felt while confessing, the ecstasy she felt while holding her hands, the heartache she knew after quarreling, she recalled everything. 

After releasing her emotions, Ji Yao Guang gushed out the past three years of her regret. 

She wiped her swollen eyes and looked at her pale image in the mirror while motivating herself to fight.

She felt that Chang Yu still cared about her, and she was determined to chase her again.

Ji Yao Guang was eating her lunch when Ji Kai Yang call came.

“Yao Yao, when are you planning to meet me with A’Yu? Don’t forget to come back home.” The tone sounded like it was ordered by her parents, not like Ji Kai Yang. 

Her parents only cared about their happiness. They traveled around the world while throwing the company at Ji Kai Yang to manage. 

So how could they have spare time to take care of their children? Probably they saw the news of her divorce from Chang Yu.

Ji Yao Guang sighed and asked, “Brother, did you see the news of my divorce?”

Ji Kai Yang went silent for a while, and replied, “Yes, you and A’Yu—”

“Brother, don’t need to worry about this matter. I will solve it by myself, we are not getting a divorce. I will not divorce Chang Yu.” Ji Yao Guang stated firmly. 

Last time, her family didn’t ask much about her divorce from Chang Yu, but secretly they were all very sad. 

Her family liked Chang Yu very much and sometimes it seemed that Chang Yu was their biological daughter. 

“I know you could solve your problem.” Ji Kai Yang immediately added, “This must be your fault. You have to apologize to Ayu, or else the Chinese New Year you don’t need to come home.”

“Brother-” Ji Yao Guang wasn’t able to finish her words but the call was hanged.

Ji Yao Guang found that many things had changed their directions.

Ji Yao Guang remembered that the lead role in the movie “Ning Chen” directed by Li Ou was not acted by Chang Yu. The lead role was played by another actor who later became famous. But all these changes have nothing to do with her.

Ji Yao Guang only needed and cared about Chang Yu.

“Everything is fine between us.” Ji Yao Guang logged on to her Weibo account and posted this message.

Ji Yao Guang became a little impatient from both the concerns of her relatives and her acquaintances.

Getting along with others was physically and mentally exhausting, but sometimes one had to maintain their relationship with others.

A text message flashed on her phone, “I am waiting at our old place. Come out for a drink with us.” 

Ji Yao Guang didn’t have many friends. The closest thing she had was Bian Yu Ting. 

Bian Yu Ting didn’t stay in her own company but plunged into the entertainment industry as an agent. 

According to her own words, where there were handsome men and beautiful women, Bian Yu Ting was needed. 

Other agents went beyond their domain to help their artist become famous but Bian Yu Ting never took much interest in her artists and still there were a lot of celebrities who wanted to work under her. 

Ji Yao Guang once jokingly asked about it while Bian Yu Ting just shook her head in a cool manner and said, “They are looking at the long-term benefits.”


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