Chapter-4 Am I Going To Die (Part-2)


After taking a bath Li Jin heard a painful cry.

Li Jin trembled.

Although as a doctor Li Jin had seen countless people delivering babies through regular or by the cesarean method.

He had even seen the uterus while operating on patients, Li Jin’s heart held no surprising feelings for such things. He could even discuss the whole operation with other doctors and give them some suggestions for rehabilitation.

The pale face of the boy seemed to come in front of his eyes.

Li Jin was feeling sympathy towards the boy and somehow he cared about him.

Li Jin was not stupid, he could conclude from the attitude of the person he met in the ox-cart that the original owner was bad towards his wife.

Otherwise, why would everyone hate him this much?

The boy who was giving birth must have suffered while marrying someone like the original owner.

The cry coming from the room became more and more painful.

Li Jin stood up and strode in the yard like any other ordinary husband who was anxiously waiting for the childbirth.

Li Jin wanted to go straight inside the room but he was worried about interrupting the childbirth.

He had no choice but to wait outside guarding the door.

Sometime later, the painful screams gradually lessened. Li Jin knew this was because there was no energy left in the boy to shout.

He really couldn’t wait anymore, he had to go inside and see the situation. 

Suddenly, the door was pushed open from inside.

Xiao An ran out while crying and said, “Li Jin, Awen has no energy to go on, you should go inside and tell him your last few more words…”

The other two brothers were also very worried and scared about the boy who was going to die. They didn’t want to stay here anymore.

So they all went out of the house one by one.

Li Jin went inside and quickly shut the door.

There was a young man who was lying on the old wooden bed while looking like a dead body. 

Li Jin quickly took off his coat with only a shirt on his body stride towards the boy.

Li Jin knew that the boy was alive. He just had no strength to react. 

When he walked towards the bed, Li Jin had noticed that the bed was very hard. 

He took the mattress stacked in the cabinet and spread it on the bed. Then he quickly picked up the boy and laid him on the mattress.

The boy’s consciousness gradually returned. When he saw Li Jin, his eyes were dead silent.

“Won’t, I able to make it?”

Li Jin quietly sat on the bed, and put him on his lap while combing his wet hair replied, “No, you are not going to die with me being here.”

He spoke the truth.

Although he didn’t know the boy’s condition he could still guarantee that this boy was not going to die on his watch.

Qin Mu Wen raised his eyes and looked at Li Jin with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t understand why this man told him that he would live.

Li Jin had always beaten him while saying if Mu Wen would die then he could happily marry Sui Xian.

But now Li Jin told him that he would not let him die.

Li Jin looked at the boy’s face, it was too young and not even eighteen years old.

A teenage boy like him would be playing basketball on the court while indulging in the pleasures of life if he was born in modern times.

And such a teenager was lying on the bed while giving birth and asking him, “I am going to die.”

The tone in which he asked was very plain, and there was not much nostalgia towards the world.

But Li Jin knew that this boy must want to live, otherwise he wouldn’t have persisted all the pain and sufferings until now.

But now he had accepted the reality and come in peace with his death.

Li Jin felt very distressed about this boy. He straightened his hair and slowly held his hand in his palm while saying, “You don’t have to worry. A baby can’t be delivered in a rush. When I will direct you, you just have to force yourself and everything will be fine. If you are in pain you could even squeeze my hand that will help you to force.”

Li Jin’s tone was different from how the original owner spoke. His voice now had magic that could calm people.

Qin Mu Wen clasped Li Jin’s hands as if he was clasping a life-saving straw.

While holding Li Jin’s cold hands, Qin Mu Wen somehow hit the blister the Li Jin’s palm.

Qin Mu Wen recalled that Xiao An had said that Li Jin was afraid that the egg custard would get cold, so he hold the bowl with bare hands.

Li Jin felt some pain when Mu Wen touched his blisters, but he still gazed at the boy and said smilingly, “Don’t worry about me. I am all right.”


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Lemon Bro
Lemon Bro
1 year ago

Awwe 🥺

7 months ago

I kind of want the mc to tell his wife right away that he is not the original body owner, becauese all of the stories take too l9ng for the truthbto be revealed.