Chapter-4 Am I Going To Die (Part-1)


The boy who was crying his eyes out was Xiao An, he didn’t even remember his surname. He was sold at a very young age.

Fortunately, because he was a child at that time so he wasn’t directly sold to a brothel.

But even then, he could only marry an old man who wouldn’t know how to look after his wife and concubine. His fate was already set in stone.

In any case, it was all caused by the current social situation.

Xiao An was a dim-witted child. When other gers guard against Qin Mu Wen, he would occasionally pass by Qin Mu Wen’s house, and he even stopped by to poke his head and say hello to him.

He was crying very hard because he was really worried about Qin Mu Wen’s troubled delivery.

Why was Qin Mu Wen’s husband still drinking outside? He didn’t even care about his wife and child.

Xiao An couldn’t do anything for Qin Mu Wen.

But, his future was not so bright too. If he couldn’t have a child in a few years, he would be discarded by the Li family.

But it was looking like even if he did have a child in the future, he would still have to go through hell during delivery like Mu Wen.

No one could help him, it was all fate.

In the end, Xiao An didn’t know if he was crying for Qin Mu Wen or his future.

But no one had guessed that Li Jin would come back. And he even brought eggs for them.

Even when Xiao An married into the Li family as a concubine, he could only get vegetables to eat.

Every household in the village could only taste meat during the holidays. And if the materials became more limited, then they could only eat pancakes and pickles.

In the entire village, only Li Daniu and the village chief were a little richer.

Even if others raised chickens and ducks, they would not slaughter it for tasting the meat. 

They counted on the chickens and ducks to lay their eggs and left them for the hardworking people in the family. This was fair enough.

Some families in the village have three generations living under the same roof. 

If their grandparents didn’t die, the family wouldn’t be separated. Therefore, all the young men of the family lived together in the same house.

The women in the family went to the market and sold the intact eggs.

If an egg was broken, it would be cooked for the people who plough the field most.

Sometimes those people were reluctant to eat it. They would secretly leave them for their children.

So, Xiao An had not tasted any egg for a long time.

They would have never hoped that one day Li Jin would make an egg pancake with chopped green onion for them.

There was envy in the other ger’s eyes.

“Awen, you are lucky, your husband has given you egg custard and chicken soup. There is also meat in the soup.”

There was meat in the soup, it meant that the chicken was killed.

The villagers only killed those chickens on New Year’s Day to celebrate. Or when a son was born in the rich family of the village.

In brief, no one would kill the chicken for his husband or his wife who was in the labor.

Qin Mu Wen didn’t comprehend how to react to all of this, he didn’t understand why Li Jin suddenly wanted to treat him nicely.

Although he was Li Jin’s wife, he had never treated him as a human.

Qin Mu Wen was very thin and tall, with his long legs and thin arms, his belly looked especially very big.

He had removed the cotton mattress under the bed for the fear of it getting dirty by the bloodstain during delivery. 

He was sitting on a hard wooden bed with only a layer of the clean coarse cotton sheet.

Qin Mu Wen was sitting for a long time, and his back was hurting too much. But this child wasn’t willing to come out yet.

Xiao An looked at Qin Mu Wen’s painful face and quickly picked up the chicken soup to feed him.

“Don’t be afraid, the child will come out eventually, and you and your child will have a  safe life. You would still be hungry after eating egg custard, drink more of this soup.”

Li Jin had deliberately skimmed off the layer of grease from the soup, and only the tender taste of the chicken soup was left.

The pancakes had become soft in the chicken soup, and the aroma of green onion exploded on his taste buds. Qin Mu Wen ate a few more bits of pancakes.

The aroma of food gradually covered the dull and bloody atmosphere in the room.

If everyone had thought that Qin MuWen would die before delivering, then this idea had been completely overturned now because of Li Jin’s attention.

It looked like today even if Lord of Hell came for Mu Wen’s life, Li Jin would stop him.

Li Jin quickly washed again. He didn’t wash his hair because of the rush.

Initially, Li Jin didn’t want to wear clothes tinged with dust. But when he thought of the three brothers, he wore an outer coat directly.

After all, this was a world where men could have a child. If he went out wearing a shirt, he was afraid of damaging the reputation of those three.

Thinking of all of this, Li Jin couldn’t help but secretly curse the weird world and its norms.


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