Chapter-3 You Take Care Of Yourself (Part-2)


Su Ci replied, “I originally wanted to gain a role for you in ‘Ning Chen’ directed by Li Ou. But looking at you, it seems there would only be scolding for you.” 

Li Ou was a golden director, he preferred ancient costume movies that show the country and culture. He had a strong personal style.

His several previous historical dramas acquired a good reputation and won many national and international awards. Of course, his prerequisites for actors were also very high.

Someone like Ji Yao Guang, who was always called out as a vase, he absolutely looked down on her, he even publicly criticized Ji Yao Guang’s acting skills several times in the past.

Ji Yao Guang thought and a moment later said, “Sister Su, I want to join Chang Yu’s crew anyhow. It wouldn’t matter even if I have to act as a maid serving tea to others.”

“Ji Yao Guang, are you out of your mind? You—” Yao Guang hung up the phone without waiting for Su Ci’s scolding.

Su Ci was a good agent and would take care of this even she reluctant to help her.

How could she change her wife’s heart if she wouldn’t brush her presence in her life?

Ji Yao Guang opened the Weibo on her phone.

She recalled that the news of her divorce with Chang Yu was still overwhelming on the internet. 

In past, she had to bear the heavyweight of public opinion and had to divorce Chang Yu.

But this time she would not get bothered with what others said about her. 

She couldn’t let this public opinion help Chang Yu’s to leave her.

She clicked on one of a popular post on the Weibo post and found that the top one was a post by Zhao Qing’s.

The number of reports had already reached thousands and thousands, and it was still increasing as she refreshed the page.

When she clicked on Zhao Qing’s page, Ji Yao Guang instantly got angry.

Zhao Qing: People should know their worth.

@I’m not a zombie: Is the goddess Qing Qing talking about the Ji Yao Guang?

@don’t search I’m just a trumpet: It’s true, what is so good about Ji Yao Guang? Besides her looks? She is not worthy of my Goddess Chang!

@You hit me: If you say Ji Yao Guang’s was not worthy? Then Who? She and Goddess Chang are already married. Is Miss Zhao a mistress? Of course, I believe that my goddess will not cheat, it must be somebody’s wishful thinking.

@Listening to the wind: Some people should learn to talk well.

Ji Yao Guang was certain that Zhao Qing’s vague comment was towards her.

After reading this post, she found that someone had broken the news of her and Chang Yu’s divorce. Even their meeting with the lawyer was already known to the others.

Ji Yao Guang quit the top search list and went to Chang Yu’s homepage. 

Chang Yu rarely posted something on her Weibo’s page, the page only had some movie release date and messages. She clicked on the comments and found many people were asking about their relationship status.

Are you done? Have you prepared for the final exam? Why do you care so much about other people’s a life? 

Ji Yao Guang angrily typed those lines and then deleted it. She found her heart was empty after venting her anger.

What was the argument about? Others would always point their fingers at you.

Celebrities were like a saint in an audience’s heart, and their slightest mistakes would be infinitely heightened in their eyes.

Ji Yao Guang fell asleep while resting on the sofa.

In her dream, Yao Guang saw all the things that she had feared was happening, and she woke up unexpectedly. She found that there was an extra blanket on her body. 

Chang Yu still cared about her, this recognition made Ji Yao Guang nearly whimper.

Ji Yao Guang hurriedly moved towards the master bedroom but found that something was missing in the room.

She found the new divorce agreement bookmarked and was lying on the bedside table. Chang Yu had left the house with her clothes. 

Ji Yao Guang’s earlier joy got completely wiped out. With her quivering heart, Ji Yao Guang called Chang Yu on her mobile phone.


“Chang Yu.” Ji Yao Guang slowly said those two words.

“I have taken my things. The divorce agreement is lying on the bedside table. You will pick it up after you signed it. Take care of yourself.” Chang Yu instructed in her usual steady tone.

If you are not here, then how can I take care of myself? 

Ji Yao Guang tried to hold back her tears, but she still choked on the words. Chang Yu quietly listened to her choked voice, but she didn’t know what to tell her.

Those few minutes of silence were like hundreds of year’s suffering for both.

Ji Yao Guang lost her composure and called out while shouting at the phone, “Chang Yu, you listen carefully. I don’t want to divorce you, did you hear me? I said I don’t want to talk about Divorce with you! Chang Yu! Chang Yu…” In the end, she just kept repeating those two words like a hymn.

A moment later, Chang Yu gently sighed and said, “If you don’t want to sign the divorce arrangement, then let’s live separately for a while. It would be good for everyone, wouldn’t it?”


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2 years ago

Ahhhh, the cliffhanger is too much!!! QuQ

Thank you for the translation, I especially like how the FL is exhausted about MC’s hot/cold insecurity

2 years ago
Reply to  Reed

Tnx for the chapter,
she should try singing maybe fl likes her voice…

2 years ago
Reply to  Reed

Wow, exhausting is the best way to describe MC. Still rooting for her of course. And thanks for the update TL o7

1 year ago

I gotta say, I really don’t like the MC right now, no wonder Chang Yu wanted a divorce

1 month ago
Reply to  Sheddy

I agree, its only been 3 chapters and even im tired of her