Chapter-3 You Take Care Of Yourself (Part-1)


Ji Yao Guang’s hand froze, and she didn’t dare to move her hands.

She saw Chang Yu sat up on the bed and stared angrily at her. Yao Guang pretended to be innocent and quietly withdrew her hand. 

Damn her conscience.

She only wanted to smooth Chang Yu’s brows, and it wasn’t meant anything else.

But Chang Yu was looking so angry, she must have thought she was here to take advantage of her.

After a moment, Ji Yao Guang heard Chang Yu’s consciously pressed her voice, and spoke, “Get lost!”

This was her bedroom too.

But of course, Ji Yao Guang didn’t dare to say it out loud.

This would only irritate Chang Yu more, so she had to leave the room while closing the door quietly. 

Chang Yu had a shallow sleep. She had already woken up when Ji Yao Guang entered the bedroom. 

Chang Yu held her breath without knowing what Ji Yao Guang was trying to do.

She waited and saw Yao Guang stretching out her hand to turn on the light of the room.

When the light brightened the room, she saw the love, perseverance, and conflict in Ji Yao Guang’s eyes. 

They knew Yao Guang loved her, but she was exhausted now. The indifference in Chang Yu’s heart was just a disguise, but the tiredness was real.

She sighed and with a helpless smile turned off the light.

Ji Yao Guang wasn’t able to guard against her fatigue and fell asleep on the sofa

The first thing, she did after waking up the next morning was to locate her phone and check the date. 

The date shown on the mobile phone was still three years ago. So what happened to her after the divorce was a dream?

She frowned while looking at the phone, and tried to no longer thought about it.

She looked around the house, only to find that Chang Yu had left. Chang Yu was occupied with a shooting of an advertisement recently. 

After their divorce, Chang Yu resigned from the entertainment circle.

She checked her phone and found eight missed calls from her agent Su Ci on her mobile phone.

“Hello-” Ji Yao Guang wasn’t able to greet her before the cannon blasted from the other side.

“Ji Yao Guang, you were planning to play me and get disappeared, right? What’s wrong with you, you didn’t even pick up my calls? And what is going on with you and Chang Yu? Take a look at what the media has written about you. Look at your portfolio, which one of the works can be handed out? I know from the starting that you are not good at acting, why don’t you try your luck at singing?” 

Ji Yao Guang didn’t even remember, how many times Su Ci had advised her this.

She was discovered by the company through a singing competition ‘The Voice of All’ in the college. They wanted to launch her as a singer, but she declined and took the acting path. 

With her beautiful face, there was no objection to her choice in the company. 

Yao Guang moved away from her phone from her ears, and waited for Su Ci to calm down, then slowly replied, “Don’t accept any scripts or advertisements for me in upcoming days.” 

Su Ci was an excellent agent. Even though there were many problems between them because of their differences in opinion, she would still give her enough respect.

“What are trying to do? The senior management of the company has some problems with you. If not for Chang Yu, you would have been-” Su Ci helplessly told her without continuing further.

When Su Ci spoke of Chang Yu, she suddenly remembered something, and asked, “I have heard from somewhere that Chang Yu’s contract is expiring soon, and she didn’t plan to renew it with the company. Do you know about it?” 

Was it because she wanted to quit the entertainment circle? 

Ji Yao Guang shivered, anxiously asked, “Sister Su, I have no idea about it. What is going on, Chang Yu doesn’t want to act anymore?”  

“Ji Yao Guang, Chang Yu is your wife, how could I know about it? So is it true that you have fallen out with her?”

A moment later, Su Ci again said, “It doesn’t look like that Chang Yu doesn’t want to act anymore. She has recently received a script. I heard that she wanted to leave the company to create her personnel studio.”

Ji Yao Guang’s dream, Chang Yu had fully quit the entertainment circle after their divorce. 

Was it possible that things could change? 

Yao Guang threw away all her negative emotions and tried to peacefully accept her fate.

“Sister Su, Chang Yu and I had a little conflict, but it is certainly not what the outsiders are saying. By the way, Sister Su do you know which drama Chang Yu has signed lately?”


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