Chapter-3 Egg custard (Part-1)


Li Jin suddenly felt a little dizzy. 

As a doctor, Li Jin knew the differences between men and women very clearly.

But, in that room, whether it was the person who had received the chicken soup or the other two people in the room who were talking with the ‘patient’ were all men.

Moreover, the ‘patient’ himself lying on the bed was a man.

There was one more point, all these men were teenagers.

Facing the room, Li Jin tried to contemplate his thoughts.

‘If I can accept as metaphysical as transmigration, then I can also accept a man giving birth to a child…’

Li Jin repeated these lines few times, but he still felt it was really difficult to accept this!

Being a doctor, even if he somehow believed in metaphysics, but this belief did not include the solid knowledge of the human body.

Li Jin reached out and washed his face with a bucket of cold water to make himself somewhat sober.

Occasional painful inhalation sounds came out of that room, but those sounds were not constant.

As a doctor Li Jin knew, the labor pain came in layers so that a body could adapt to the pain first. 

After all, even if the pain of giving birth to a child was unbearable, the body could only try to adapt to it.

This was the same as the life. It was painful when you fell down, but after a while, you got used to the pain, who knew after as while you could even laugh on the pain.

Li Jin felt that life was just like that. He shouldn’t think about other stuff but enjoy where he was and with what he had.

He was admitted to university when he was seventeen, and got a doctorate degree at the age of twenty-five. During which he was also exchanged to Germany for three years to study and understand their expertise.

After graduation, he worked in the hospital for four years and even had brought a house and car.

Even though he had no one, he had never felt alone.

After coming to this world, he had a broken house in a name of the house. Li Jin thought, even though it was broken, but it was still a house.

There are two low leveled rooms in the house, one was a kitchen, and the other was a bedroom.

The bedroom was not large in size, when you opened the door, you could see the bed, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to clearly see the man in the bed.

After passing so many years as a bachelor, it was a good time to have a family of his own.

But with his sickly appearance and his poverty-ridden condition could he really afford a wife and children? Would he be able to give them a good future?

Li Jin felt a sharp pain in his stomach and recalled that the original owner drunk alcohol on empty stomach before, and now the stomach was having acid reflux.

He has to suppress all the turbulent emotions in his heart, the most important thing right now is to save his life.

Li Jin found a little amount of flour in the kitchen and some rice in the jar.

Li Jin didn’t dare to graze at the rice left in the jar. At the moment, his family was in a very impoverished condition. He had to leave the rice for the teenager to eat.

He took a little flour, put it in a bowl, and pour an egg in it while adding a little oil, some salt, and chopped green onion in it. He finally mixed it with water and swirled it into a batter.

Li Jin made the fire and applied a layer of oil to the bottom of the pot, so the pancake doesn’t stick to it. 

When the bottom of the pot heated up, took a spoon of batter and covered the pot’s bottom with the batter.

The batter got condensed, a moment later. Even though there was some earthy taste inside, the green onions had successfully suppressed it.

Li Jin looked and when one side of the pancake got browned, he quickly turned it to the other side. He quickly made more pancakes with the remaining batter.

The flour that Li Jin had scooped out was already very less, because there was not much flour left in the family, and he still didn’t know when he would be able to make money. 

At this moment, he wasn’t willing to eat all the food at home. He was able to make five pancakes from that flour.

Li Jin ate one pancake, and eventually suppressed the feeling of acid reflux.

Li Jin folded the three pancakes and plop it on a plate. There were only these pancakes with which Li Jin could entertain those who had helped the teenager to deliver the baby.

For the last pancake, Li Jin cut it into very tiny pieces and scooped out a part of the chicken soup which was still shimmering and soaked the pancake pieces in it.

The tang of the chicken soup melts into the pancake, making it easier to eat.

After Li Jin scooped out a bowl of the soup, then sealed the edge again and continued to stew the soup.

He quickly brought the steaming hot pancake to the door and knocked on the door.

This time they didn’t ask and quickly opened the door.

The boy with a red mole looked at the thing in Li Jin’s hand and was quite startled.

Li Jin said, “There is not much food at home, so I can only entertain you with these three pancakes. And here is a bowl of chicken soup for him, he must be hungry and exhausted. Please feed him this chicken soup for the energy”

Li Jin added, “And if it is not sufficient enough you can always call me, I will be in the kitchen.”

After Li Jin said this, he passed the food to the boy and stepped away silently.

He discovered that these teenagers didn’t look like a normal man.

Even though they had Adam’s apple and their chests were flat, these youths had a smaller stature and were short and thin.

The most important thing was the presence of a red mole in a conspicuous place that Li Jin have seen earlier.

The red mole was presumably the most critical distinctive feature to determine their identity.

Inside the room, the boy took the pancake and shared it with the other two.

These three were the ‘gers’ taken as the concubines by the villagers. Li Jin’s wife was the only exception to this group.


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