Chapter-2 Magic Two (Part-2)


With some hesitation, the grave keeper turned and fled outside the grave. He had to find someone, who could help him.

Church! He had to find a church! Only the church could save him!

Due to the excessive blood loss, the other grave keeper’s lips had turned white, and his whole body was twitching. 

No one could guess his mood right now. 

“God…please…save–” The grave keeper begged and cried.

The youth’s eyes color started to fade away slowly. 

His stomach was filled with the blood he had drunk, and his hunger was also appeased. Gradually the youth’s reasoning returned and his expression became twisted. 

After a moment, he felt his stomach was aching as if he had swallowed blades.

The youth hurriedly glanced towards the fled grave keeper and the huge dog who was starting at him violently, and he took a step back.

The huge dog lunged at him, with its sharp canine aiming at the youth’s throat as if it wanted him dead.

The youth vigilante outstretched his arms to fight back. He strangled the dog’s throat forcefully which caused the dog to panic, and bit on the youth’s wrist heavily.

The blood slowly started to drip from the youth’s injured wrist.

A moment later, the dog’s howl stopped suddenly. The grave keeper who had fled looked back again and saw the youth’s glowing eyes looking at him.

The grave keeper started running wildly towards the house without another taking another glance at the youth.

The youth threw the dog on the ground and the pain in his stomach gradually increased. 

For his safety, the youth quickly ran towards the forest outside the graveyard.

His stomach had an agonizing pain and it felt like two opposite forces were fighting inside it. 

He very much wanted to throw up all the blood he had drunk, but he tried to endure. He didn’t even want to waste a drop of the blood, he tried hard to get. 

The outcome of his endurance was not only his stomach was hurting, but also the pain was starting to spread in his whole body.

While holding the injured wrist, the youth walked towards the forest, he knew the grave keeper who had fled would create a dangerous crisis for him if he waited here.

The forest was dark, but it didn’t affect his eyesight. He somehow had a clear vision of the entire forest from the texture of the tree trunk to the size of the insect crawling on the trees.

This darkness gave him a sense of security. 

But, his conditions were getting worse, his thighs were aching severely and his body felt like it was getting torn away by the two opposing forces. 

The youth had to quickly find a place to hide, he looked around the forest a bit, but there was no place to hide.

A moment later, he saw a high treetop, which was somewhat ten meters high. The youth ran towards the huge tree and leaped towards it.

His thighs were aching more painfully, he laid on the trunk while holding the bark with his nails for a moment.

The boy waited for pain in his thigh to lessen and then nailed his finger in the tree’s bark to lunge upward.

His wrist was aching very badly and the leaves were cutting his cheeks as he moved upwards.

Few meters ahead was a tree branch dense enough to cover his figure. The boy held the trunk tightly in fear of falling and tried to settle on the branch while looking down.

His nerves slowly relaxed and his whole body was burning in the immense pain. 

After a while, the states on the youth’s cheeks started healing and his legs started to grow longer and his clothes tightened on his body.

His bones seemed to be crushed, a while light spurt from his body blinding him, but all the pain disappeared from his body. 

His consciousness became hazy and fell asleep.

The white light condensed into a vague shape but a moment later, a blood-red fog came out the youth’s neck.

The red fog stretched and shrouded the white light completely. Both the light vanished into the dark after a while.

In the dark, the teenager’s body shrunk and again fit into the clothes. The boy was unaware of all of this.

The red fog climbed on his neck and disappeared as if swearing its sovereignty.


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