Chapter-2 Magic Two (Part-1)


When the teenager woke up, he felt a deep hunger inside him. His stomach was aching from hunger.

He tried to stand up, only to find he was in a wooden box covered with silk. There was no air inside it, but still, his breathing was normal.

Air was something every living creature needed to live?

The teenager was scared.

Was he dead? That’s why he does need air to breathe?

But how did he die? Who was he? What was his name? Where was he right now?

His stomach suddenly made noise, and the sound echoed in the silent atmosphere. 

There was a voice inside his head that constantly told him. To satisfy your hunger you need to go out.

The teenager tried to push the box, but the box remained motionless. The churning of his stomach was getting stronger, and a flame was burning his throat.

He wanted water, a lot of the water to satisfy him.

Suddenly a strong desire to drink came and his eyes glowed light golden. The strength in his hands increased and the wooden box started to crack slowly under his strength.

The light in his eyes was getting brighter and brighter and his strength was continuously increasing. 

After a while, he was finally able to smash it. The boy shook the wooden dust from his shoulder, and the color of the boy’s eyes slowly faded away.

Under the moonlight, the boy sat in the coffin and looked around and saw many cross-shaped stone monuments were erected there.

There was terrible silence around him.

“Who is there?” A person asked. There was a sound of a dog barking followed by the noise of the messy footsteps.

“Damn. Who had opened the grave at night?” The other voice said.

The footstep was getting nearer and nearer to him, but he was still sitting in the coffin. He was feeling scared, but his limbs were nailed to the ground.

He again felt that intense fire in his throat, he needed water, a lot of water. 

His hunger shadowed his reasoning. His lower lip parted and two narrow canines came out.

The noise of the dog barking became more closer, and a light from the torch swept over him.

The boy looked at the two shadows and his stare became fixed on the throat of the man. While swallowing his saliva, the boy stared hungrily at them.

“God! What is this?” The first grave keeper’s voice suddenly halted.

“Dear God, What did happen here?” The other grave keeper’s voice also ceased while looking at the scene.

He saw a pale blonde youth sitting in the coffin in a medieval age aristocratic clothes. The eyes of the youth were shining and long canine teeth could be seen.

“Damn.” The first grave keeper cursed.

The torch fell from the two grave keeper’s hands and they ran.

The youth stared at their neck arteries intently. As if it was an instinct, the boy flung towards one grave keeper with great speed and knocked the person to the ground.

The youth speed was very fast and the grave keepers were very slow compared to him.

The youth flung the first grave keeper to the ground while kneeling beside him, the boy forcefully pulled the man’s hair.

The teenager was staring violently at the blood flowing through the man’s arteries. 

The youth opened his mouth and aimed his pointed canine teeth at the man’s neck arteries and penetrated it.

The blood was leaking from the grave keeper’s neck and flowed through the youth’s throat filling his stomach. 

The teenager’s lips were stained with blood. The fire in his throat was extinguished, but his stomach is still empty. This was not enough, he wanted more.

The dryness was relieved and the flames were extinguished, but his stomach was still empty.

“Vampire! Vampire!” The grave keeper was miserably shouted in the horror.

He was scared, and a strange numbness penetrated his nerves. The dog was roaring loudly and anxiously pacing around, but it didn’t dare to come close.

The grave keeper who ran earlier stopped after a while and looked back when he heard the shout.

He saw the boy had pressed his companion on the ground, and his fellow mate’s body was trembling constantly.


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