Chapter-2 It’s A Man (Part-2)


Li Daniu was so energetic, he effortlessly picked up an old hen and threw it towards Li Jin.

This was the hen brought up in the village. With its wings stirred up, it could fly half a height.

It was not the same as the chicken that was brought from outside made up out of hormones.

Li Daniu was purely trying to test Li Jin, he thought that with the character of Li Jin, deserved it.

Why should he keep showing a good face to Li Jin?

Li Jin directly pinched the chicken’s neck and hold the chicken’s wings with the other hand and then subdued the chicken.

Li Daniu’s was impressed with Li Jin’s move. This person still had some strength in his hands was not useless like his father.

Li Daniu took out ten eggs, all of which were fresh and fist-sized with khaki-yellow shells.

Li Jin collected the eggs and put them in his pocket while lifting the chicken. He thanked Li Daniu and went home.

When Li Daniu’s wife came back, she found that one of the chickens and some eggs missing at home.

It was indispensable that this must be because of Li Daniu. Hence, she created a scene because of this.

“You know only how to play chess every day, why don’t you bet our house as well?”

Li Daniu slowly coaxed his wife and said, “I will cultivate two acres of land for the village chief tomorrow, and will get some chickens in return.”

She knew Li Daniu was a competent man. So she could only let go of her anger.

After returning home, Li Jin, who knew nothing about all of this, tied the chicken legs and killed it. 

He took a bucket and brought some water, then skillfully cleaned the chicken.

Luckily, Li Jin was a doctor before coming to this world.

He had dissected chickens during his anatomy class. At that time, there were also snakes, frogs, rabbits, etc. in the class.

Li Jin had a degree in clinical medicine, he had studied in Germany for eight-years for that degree.

Most students studying abroad could cook good dishes. After all, Chinese food abroad was simply too costly.

Li Jin dealt with the chicken easily. He yanked the feathers out of the chicken and scalded the chicken again with some boiling water.

He chopped the chicken legs and wings and left them. The chicken livers and hearts were also placed separately. 

The remaining chicken head and neck were marinated with ginger, spring onions, and salt. He intended to make soup out of it.

The chicken liver and heart were cut into small pieces, and were stir-fried.

As for the legs and wings of the chicken, Li Jin decided to make a thinner marinade and save it later.

The pot at this time was still the kind of stove and a large pot. 

After Li Jin put the chicken into the pot while adding some water and covered the pot. 

Then used a clean fabric on the stovetop to cover the pot, making a makeshift pressure cooker.

Li Jin beat two eggs and mixed them with water. He put that mixture in another pot and added some soy sauce and sesame oil to it.

The taste of soy sauce and the aroma of sesame oil lingered made him feel hungry.

Instead, he sorted his clothes and walked to the door of the room, and knocked on it.

After a long time, a voice answered from the room, “Who are you? Brother is still in labor and he will not be able to see you.”

Li Jin felt a little weird. Even though the voice had a gentle and graceful sound, it was still sounded as a man’s voice.

His wife was in labor, then why would any man be in there?

Li Jin knew he shouldn’t ask questions right now, “I have cooked egg custard, let her eat something first, or she will lose her energy while giving birth.”

The chicken soup was boiled for a while before he sent it.

The room had become quiet again.

A moment later, a man, who seemed to be less than one meter seven opened the door. He hurriedly carried away the bowl of egg custard cooked by Li Jin.

The man got shocked when he glanced at the blistered hands of Li Jin.

Li Jin was stunned, but he did not let it show up on his face and tried to pretend as calm and steady as possible.

The man touched the bowl with his clothes, while without saying a word closed the door of the room again.

Li Jin stood outside the room with a dazed expression on his face.

Because it looked like there were all men in the room, not a single woman was present inside it.

Even the pale-faced person lying on the bed was a man!


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