Chapter-2 It’s A Man (Part-1)


Without the memory of the original owner, Li Jin didn’t even know the man’s name.

Li Jin asked, “What you have said earlier if someone could help you solve this chess move, you will reward him with an old hen and ten eggs, can I count on it?”

This man was Li Daniu, who was a decent farmer in this village. 

He had no other bad addiction but was only interested in playing chess with the villagers after ploughing the land.

Li Daniu was a very muscular guy, he didn’t even need an ox-cart to cultivate his fields.

In this way, a lot of money was saved by him. Even if he lost at chess, he would plough fields of the others as repayment.

Li Daniu had never staked anything luxurious or drank any fancy wine. He could easily provide a chicken and eggs as a bet.

Although Li Daniu generally looked down on Li Jin. He felt that Li Jin had a good face but a low talent. 

Li Jin used to say that he was studying to become a talented scholar but after so many years, he didn’t see any merit.

But, Li Jin only learn to spend money on the wine shop and thwarted his family income.

His mother had bought him a ‘brother’ before she died, as a wife, maybe others wouldn’t even know where he died.

Li Jin had read some books, after all. Li Daniu believed, maybe Li Jin know how to solve this move.

Li Daniu loudly announced, “What I, Li Daniu’s speak is naturally a promise, and I will never break my word.”

No one refuted Li Daniu’s words, which meant he was a credible person, Li Jin thought.

Li Jin lifted his clothes and squatted down, and directly picked up Li Daniu’s chess piece and ate the opposite pawn.

The move has reached a deadlock, and the ‘pawns’ of the opposite side had already encircled Li Daniu’s ‘king’.

Li Jin said, “At this time, there is only one move to eat the other side piece.”

With that, Li Jin picked up the chess piece and took a step. 

Li Daniu’s eyes brightened, and Zhang Lao San’s face became black.

Li Daniu laughed and said, “Now that the two kings meet, I win!”

Li Jin reminded, “One chicken and ten eggs.”

Li Daniu chuckled and directed Li Jin away from the crowd while walking out.

Zhang Lao San hurriedly said, “You have lost fifteen copper coins before this. Quickly send me the money.”

Li Daniu said, “Wait a moment, I’ll send you the money.”

He said that, and took out fifteen copper coins from his waist and threw them to Zhang Lao San.

His mood didn’t change at all, and he still laughed, “I didn’t expect Li Jin to solve this game in one move.”

Li Jin didn’t explain anything, he only wanted chicken and eggs to cook a meal for the wife of the original owner.

“Bah, this man just came up with this move after being lucky.”

“It was a pity, Li Daniu have to offer chicken to him.”

“I think this man is going to dedicate the chicken to the top prostitute in the town?”

Li Jin had heard them, but he didn’t reply to those mocking comments.

Whatever the people in the village thought , it was up to them.

Anyway, Li Jin at this time was no longer the Li Jin from before.

Speaking of the original owner, that person was a real scum.

It was all because of a knock from the passing Taoist priest on the door when Li Jin was just born. The priest said that this child would be bright like a star in the future and thus the name Li Jin came.

The people in the village admired the Li family at that time. There was an enormous number of people visiting their doors.

Li’s family sent him to school to learn well, but this person was not interested in learning.

Instead, he started gambling and drinking with the other students in the town. 

He even ran to the brothel to listen to the song of the beauties.

Li Jin’s father also had this virtue. His body was also hollow out by the liquor.

The villagers felt that Li Jin’s mother was probably dead because of her husband and son’s tactless behavior.

But before her death, Li Jin’s mother went out of the village to purchase a ‘brother’, who could give birth and even raise his inefficient son.

She thought that Li Jin would take care of his wife and he would become mature when he got a wife, but his old father’s genetics was really too strong.

On the contrary, Li Jin liked the top beauty of the brothel.

Li Jin didn’t get accepted by that top beauty, then he could only get himself drunk while abandoning his studies completely.

Today, when his husband was in labor, Li Jin ran away to the town to drink and gamble.

This was simply inhumane.

Like everyone in the village, Li Daniu also knew those absurd things that Li Jin had committed.

Li Daniu yanked a chicken and asked, “Li Jin, what have you planned to do with this chicken?”

Li Jin stood behind Li Daniu with a straight waist and scholar like aura.

Li Jin’s replied in a clear voice, “My wife is in a labor. I am going to cook this chicken into a soup for her energy.”


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