Chapter-2 I Don’t Want A Divorce (Part-2)


Chang Yu was done with Yao Guang’s hot and cold attitude.

Chang Yu coldly responded, “There is no need to discuss. We are already very clear. Didn’t you ask for a divorce? You can sign and we will be divorced. This will be best for both of us.” 

Ji Yao Guang almost swore while looking at Chang Yu’s indifferent face.

“If we are divorced, what will my parents say? And the outside media, what will they report?” Yao Guang tried again.

She knew that they had been married for a year. 

Although same-sex marriages in China was legal, there were still many who had discriminate against it.

When the news of their marriage was reported, some were excited, and some placed a bet on them, expecting them to separate early, to verifying that same-sex love has no future.

Thinking about Ji Yao Guang’s parents, Chang Yu’s face showed some reluctance. 

Ji Yao Guang’s family had treated her well, but still, Chang Yu slowly said, “Divorce is a matter between the two of us. As for the other people, there is no need to clarify.”

Ji Yao Guang was having a headache and Chang Yu’s attitude was adding the oil and salt to it.

She didn’t get it, was their relationship going to end like this? 

Her divorce with Chang Yu was the most grievous thing of her life.

If this was a chance to change her future, how could she miss it? 

Ji Yao Guang lowered her head and after thinking for a while, she abruptly reached out and crumpled the divorce agreement and threw the agreement into the trash basket. 

And she shamelessly smiled and said, “Chang Yu, I will never divorce you!” 

Even though this might make Chang Yu hate her even more. 

But besides that, what else could she do? 

Even if she was named as a stalker, but as long as she could be with Chang Yu, she was ready for anything.

Chang Yu didn’t speak, and she absolutely could not pick up the divorce agreement from the trash can. 

Ji Yao Guang’s behavior was truly irresponsible. Chang Yu didn’t want to take to Ji Yao Guang. 

Chang Yu stared at the woman who was acting pitiful while sitting on the sofa and found all this utterly absurd. 

Chang Yu took her stuff and went to the master bedroom, leaving behind the sound of the slamming door.

Anyhow, Chang Yu was still at home, and was not trying to leave in a hurry, which meant that everything was going to turn for the better, wasn’t it? 

Ji Yao Guang felt strong grief in her heart.

The scenes of the past three years was like a movie playing backward for her. 

Did the obsession rooted in her heart was heard by God? Did God give her a chance to go back to correct the wrong thing she had done three years ago? 

Now even if all of this was just a dream, she still didn’t want to wake from this dream.

The phone was silent, but the screen flashed. 

She didn’t know how many texts and calls, she had missed, but Ji Yao Guang didn’t have any thoughts to care about it. 

She laid on her back on the sofa, remembering her relationship with Chang Yu, as well as every disturbance she had caused.

Chang Yu had only scolded her once when she argued with her to enter the entertainment circle, almost every time after that, it was only her unilaterally trying to find trouble with Chang Yu.

She had always gone to Chang Yu after a few days of the cold war. But, those things were not like the words written on the white paper with a pencil that can be wiped clean with an eraser, but they still left a mark.

And after a while, those words left a deep scar, which even a great doctor and best medicine could not treat.

“You are a really stupid person!” 

Ji Yao Guang slapped her face slowly and cried in pain.

She touched her forehead while looking at the phone screen. She saw a swollen-red bulge on her forehead. 

She cried immediately, “Chang Yu, I am hurt.”

Ji Yao Guang curled herself into a ball and gazed at the door. 

She knew that Chang Yu would not come and comforted her like before, she was still feeling desperate.

Ji Yao Guang didn’t dare to sleep, even though her eyelids were getting heavy with the sleep. 

Ji Yao Guang turned off the light and submerged herself in the darkness while sitting on the sofa.

Would Chang Yu asleep now? 

Ji Yao Guang stood up and outstretch her stiff limbs, and then tiptoed slowly toward the master bedroom.

The door was open, but the lights were off. She could only see a vague silhouette on the bed.

Yao Guang outstretched her hand to touch Chang Yu’s brows, but somehow with noise, the bedside lamp got on. 

Chang Yu was looking at her with a pair of tired and angry eyes.


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the second hand embarrassment is strong here LMAO

But anyways ty for translating this story