Chapter-2 I Don’t Want A Divorce (Part-1)


Ji Yao Guang had a problem with every word of this agreement of their divorce.

Chang Yu was physically and mentally drained out and she was not in the disposition to handle Ji Yao Guang’s temper tantrums. 

Chang Yu frowned, she had asked the lawyer to draw up this agreement earlier this morning.

She had left the house, car, and other things that the two of them brought together, for Ji Yao Guang. 

She didn’t know, What was Yao Guang displeased with? 

Chang Yu pinched her brows and asked in a calm voice, “What comments do you have on it?”

Chang Yu thought Ji Yao Guang was displeased with the division of property between them. 

Ji Yao Guang took a peek at Chang Yu, and she had discerned what Chang Yu meant.

Chang Yu was the person whom she had loved whole-heartedly, she even wished to integrate her into her blood. Even a tiny look or a slight action revealed Chang Yu’s mood to her.

The pen in her hand was stuck at a point, while she was in trance, creating a big black mark on the white agreement paper. 

Ji Yao Guang took a deep breath and turned towards the lawyer, and said, “Please leave.” 

 “Ji Yao Guang.” Chang Yu reprimanded.

Ji Yao Guang violently stared at the man, as if she didn’t hear her name called by Chang Yu.

Ji Yao Guang got more annoyed while watching the lawyer still standing in her house. She repeated her earlier words, in a louder voice.

“Mr.Zhao, please leave.” 

Chang Yu’s mouth twitched after hearing Yao Guang’s words. It seemed like their divorce was not going to happen as smoothly as they had decided last night.

Chang Yu sighed, and she caught sight of shredded paper in the dustbin. 

After a moment, Chang Yu said, “Mr.Zhao, sorry to trouble you. I will contact you later.”

She would contact him later? Ji Yao Guang wasn’t happy after hearing it.

After the lawyer left, Chang Yu walked around the sofa, sat on the opposite side of her. She put a cold smile on her face and said with ridicule, “Yao Guang, what do you want from me?”

I didn’t want you to divorce me.

Before she could reply, Ji Yao Guang saw Chang Yu answer a phone call.

When she heard the name ‘Zhao Qing’, Ji Yao Guang felt her heart was stung by a sharp needle.

Zhao Qing was somewhat a reason for her and Chang Yu divorce.

Zhao Qing and Chang Yu worked together in the film “The Dumb Girl”. 

Zhao Qing had played the role of a female doctor and Chang Yu was the heroine in this film. This film is a story of a doctor who had assisted the heroine to come out of her psychological shadows. 

The news of Zhao Qing and Chang Yu being a couple made Ji Yao Guang irritable, even though she knew it was all a cheap publicity stunt of Zhao Qing.

Yao Guang had a cold war with Chang Yu because of this, but later she threw away her pride, and went to pick up Chang Yu at the success party of ‘Dumb Girl’. But, what welcomed her was the scene of Zhao Qing hugging Chang Yu. 

On the way home, Ji Yao Guang didn’t speak a word, but after she arrived home, she blew up completely. 

Chang Yu put up with all her screaming silently, but after a while, she said the word ‘divorce’ and left. 

Chang Yu decided that there would be no relationship between them anymore after that fight. 

Now, whether this was a dream or not, she was back to the day when she had made the biggest mistake of her life. 

Ji Yao Guang didn’t want to divorce her wife.

Chang Yu didn’t contact Zhao Qing after their divorce.

This proved that Chang Yu and Zhao Qing’s relationship was just her own delusion. Because of her imagination, she had pushed her marriage to a dead end.

Chang Yu’s brow furrowed after listening to a bunch of useless words. She peeked at the pretentious eavesdropper who was sitting on the sofa.

Chang Yu patiently tried to respond to Zhao Qing. She didn’t like Zhao Qing.

‘The Dumb Girl’ was over which meant their partnership was also over. 

There were only a few people sincere in this circle, and being an acquaintance with other people was more than enough.

When Chang Yu ended the phone call, Yao Guang withdrew her stare and sat upright on the sofa.

“Whatever you want, you can tell me.” Chang Yu told her again.

When Chang Yu looked at Ji Yao Guang, she found Yao Guang was looking a little different today.

Ji Yao Guang had always been emotionally unstable, and Chang Yu was not interested in guessing her new thoughts.

She was exhausted with Yao Guang, and she felt like this for a long time.

Unlike Ji Yao Guang, when she proposed the divorce, she had meant it. 

“I don’t want to divorce you.” Ji Yao Guang said slowly.

She gave helpless sigh and added, “Chang Yu, we need to sit down and discuss.”


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