Chapter 2 Husband And Wife Contract (Part-2)


Li Xing Qing wiped her tears and took a file out of the password-protected box.

This was her marriage contract copy she had signed with Fang Xia.

Party A: Fang Xia

Party B: Lin Xing Qing

Party B voluntarily married Party A, in the presence of the both parties this marriage contract is signed.

Article 1: Party A and Party B are married as husband and wife. Party A has the right to request Party B to fulfill marriage obligations. 

Article 2: Party A…

Article 20: Party A…

The copy of the marriage contract with her and Fang Xia signature was the proof of her marriage with Fang Xia.

With a bitter smile she had stuffed the marriage contract into the box and locked again with the password. 

Xing Qing had lived here all her life with her father, locking this house was not very easy for her, her heart felt heavy.

She knew she was a married woman, even if she had married a woman.

The marriage contract was already signed. There was no other option, but to leave this place and pay for the life-saving grace of Fang Xia.

“Miss Lin, I am going to put away this luggage first.”

“Ok, thank you for the help.”

“Miss Lin, I am Lao Zhang, you are welcome. The lady has said that you are another master of the house.”

Another master?

Lin Xing Qing carried her luggage and walked towards the door.

When she arrived at the door, the door opened immediately.

“Come in.”

A cold voice greeted her as soon as the door was opened. The voice was of her nominal better half, Fang Xia.

The hands holding the suitcase gradually tightened, after raising her eyes a woman was sitting on a European style sofa.

The woman was dressed in black formal attire and was sitting with cold air around her, making others feel a little hard to approach her.

Li Xing Qing straightened her body and walked in.

“I am here, Fang Xia.”

The door automatically closed behind her as soon as she entered the hall, enclosing her in the house.


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Thanks for the Chapter!~

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Thanks for the chapter!