Chapter 2 Husband And Wife Contract (Part-1)


After a month.

“Dad, are you feeling better?”

“I am feeling better. You should go now, I will take care of my health, there must be other things that need your attention.”

“Other things don’t matter Dad, the doctor had said that you can eat some simple fruits. I have washed these fruits and sliced it into small pieces, come and taste it.”

“Good, Dad has tasted it, so now go ahead and get yourself busy.”

“Dad. Do you despise me?”

“How could it be possible. It’s just that Dad has been delaying your work for a long time. Seeing that you have lost so much of your weight, Dad always felt heartache while looking at you.”

“Okay. Dad doesn’t want me. I will go back after a while, OK?”


The bright sunlight was shining through the open window. Even if she could still smell the odor of disinfectant water in the room, she was feeling peaceful.

Her father was sitting up halfway on his bed, although his face was still thin, his mood was quite good.

 Lin Xing Qing joked with him and made him eat half of the sliced fruit.

Li Xing Qing stood at the door while her father, Lin Yu Feng was still gently smiling at her.

There was nothing in the world that could make her happier than this moment.

Her father had finally defeated the disease and woke up from the coma. Even after all of the struggle, there was still a long recovery period. She still felt lucky that her father was becoming healthy.

So, to pay a price for this happiness, it was nothing for her.

“Lin Xing Qing, your father is now well and only requires some rehabilitation treatment. It’s time to fulfill your promise.”

“I will.”

“I ask the driver to pick you up from the hospital at seven tonight.”

“No, I will come by myself.”

“Lin Xing Qing, see you at seven tonight!”



The phone was hung without giving Lin Xing Qing room to refute.

Xing Qing put her phone down silently.

She turned her head to look at her father. She took a deep breath, then left.

It had been a month since she had agreed to that condition. 

After that, no one had bothered her anymore about anything. Her father’s diagnosis and treatment were replaced by the special team of doctors.

He was placed in the special VIP ward, and there were professional nurses working day and night to take care of her father.

It was already very kind of Fang Xia to give her a month to take care of her father.

The original marriage contract came into effect a month away.

She went home and packed her things. She looked at the room that had been deserted for months, but she still gave her the familiar ambiance of the home.

When she picked up the last piece of clothing and was about to leave that place, she endured and tried to stop herself from crying.

But Lin Xing Qing still couldn’t control herself while tightly holding her password box with slightly reddish eyes.


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