Chapter-1 Transmigration (Part-2)


Li Jin was afraid, that one day he would die working on night shift. Instead of dying because of excessive workload, he died in a car accident.

Li Jin washed his long hairs, it was quite difficult to wash it clean without any shampoo or conditioner.

Li Jin could only work with the water and wash it thoroughly.

After taking the bath, he found he had no clothes to wear.

Doctors normally have compulsive cleaning disorder. Li Jin didn’t like to wear those used clothes of the original owner. Those clothes had the smell of alcohol.

What should he do? Should he cover the crucial area with the towel and hurried back? Li Jin’s quickly discarded this plan.

There was already a midwife inside, even if there was only his wife in the house, this type of indecency was not good.

Li Jin was in a struggle when he saw a clean white cloth under the stove.

Li Jin had read some novels based on transmigration in which the protagonist had a cheat, and here he didn’t even have the memories of the original owner.

Without any memories, he didn’t know if this cloth was his or not.

Li Jin could only used this at a moment and tried to put on the clothes. The clothes fitted perfectly, it’s just that the material was rough. 

The cloth was double-breasted, with a clasp in the middle. It took a while before Li Jin was able to put it on.

Li Jin soaked the older cloth in water, to wash it later.

Li Jin moved towards the door and knocked on it.

The room became death silent, all the murmuring had stopped.

Earlier Li Jin could hear the painful cry of a person in the labor, but he knocked even those cry also stopped.

These people must be worried, that he had come back to play and disturb them.

Li Jin said in a loud voice, “I have come back, if you need any help, you can call me. I am waiting outside.”

The room was still quiet. Li Jin deliberately walked away from the room.

Although the person giving birth was no more than an outsider to Li Jin, but it was still the original Li Jin’s wife carrying his child.

Li Jin went outside to know about this place and era, and he saw a group of men smoking and playing chess leisurely.

When those people saw Li Jin, they had a look of disdain in their eyes.

Li Jin had a thin and shaky figure, he couldn’t do farm work and always relied on his husband to plowing the land.

Generally, when Li Jin saw their brooding looks, he would tremble.

The men in the village men were all very strong, and teaching Li Jin a lesson was a simple matter for him.

But right now, Li Jin was walking towards them.

The first man said, “Zhang Lao San, you’re not playing fair.”

Zhang Lao San smiled and said, “Old man, you’re the one who has brought this new move. I have finally solved it. Give my money now.”

The first man said, “You shouldn’t worry, I will definitely break this move.”

Zhang Lao San said, “Look, it was not me who is rushing you but everyone wants to eat their lunch, if you don’t make a move quickly then everyone’s mealtime will be delayed. And they still have work to do.”

The man looked at everyone and said, “I will give away an old hen and ten eggs to if anyone can solve this move!”

Li Jin decided to solve it and said, “I will solve it.”

Li Jin was worried about the childbirth and he knew he wife wouldn’t have much strength while looking at the house’s condition.

Right now, Li Jin had a chance to get an old hen and ten eggs. He could use these to make soup and some salted eggs for his wife which would give her some strength.


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4 months ago

From my experience of reading ancient historicals, eggs could only be eaten once in a while let alone giving up ten eggs and a hen. I am even more surprised that the village people have leisure time to play chess. Anyway, to each their own. I will see what the author plans.