Chapter-1 Transmigration (Part-1)


Li Jin’s was feeling dizzy, but the churning of his stomach roused him wholly.

After vomiting all the food and drinks, Li Jin felt his body had become very light.

But this smell…was terrible.

Where was he?

Li Jin thought he was dreaming, after his work as he was prepared to go home, then how could he be here.

Oh yes, his car was slammed by a truck!

But he was not feeling any pain only some fatigue and dizziness caused by the alcohol.

A fierce voice called him.

“My ox-cart! Li Jin, your wife is in the labor, and this Laozi used all his strength to bring you back from the tavern and you vomited right on my ox-cart!”

The muscular man with yellow complexion called him out again,“You are promising, Li Jin. You think gambling and drinking is more important than your wife and child life.”

The man looked at the intoxicated Li Jin with some pity, and said, “Even though he is that, there were more chances of the death while giving birth, but that is your wife, the one that you have married, it is not right to leave at this time.”

Li Jin unconsciously pushed his glasses on his nose, but there was nothing. His eyesight was fine?

This was not his own body!

As for this big man’s words, ‘your wife this and that’, he wasn’t able to catch it.

Li Jin leaned against the other side of the ox-cart, and after repeatedly pinched himself to make sure that this wasn’t a fantasy, he still felt bewildered.

He was sure he had died in that car accident, and to answer why he came to this place, maybe after this man called ‘Li Jin’ died of alcohol abuse, he was able to reach here.

So, he was Li Jin now.

It would took him some time to get over his previous death, he lived for more than twenty-nine years before he died.

Li Jin had no worries, he even had a decade of a life in extra.

“My wife was giving birth, how long has she been in the labor?” Li Jin asked him.

“He began to feel pain, maybe an hour ago.” the man replied, but noticing that Li Jin was not anxious about his wife, he felt awful for the person.

Li Jin was really not anxious. Even though he was concerned, he was still an obstetrician!

He had seen too many births, and there was still some time left in delivery, so there was no need to rush it.

Li Jin was not eager, but this big big man was. He beat the ox once and speed up the ox-cart. Thus, the ox-cart became even bumpier.

Li Jin felt, his body was about to fall apart from all those ups and downs.

This old bachelor, who got a wife and child as soon as he arrived, he was feeling sour.

The muscular man hauled Li Jin to a ‘house with only four walls’.

There were no railings on the courtyard, but this place was relatively tidy, Li Jin was satisfied with it.

Li Jin felt inexplicably bleak and melancholy atmosphere from the close doors of the main house.

Even though he was a doctor, and he didn’t like families clamoring the patients, but right now his wife was in labor and no one was waiting on her.

The original owner was a very questionable person, he was still drinking in the town while his wife was suffering labor pain.

Li Jin wanted to look inside the labor room, but he was dirty and this would increase the chances of infection.

“Thank you, I would remember your help.” Li Jin told him.

“Li Jin, I will not say much, but I will pray that your wife would able to give birth smoothly. You should take good care of your son and wife!”

“I definitely will.”

He hastily found the kitchen and started to heat some water. He have to take a bath first.

After Li Jin boiled the water, he didn’t know where to take bathe.

There was no bathroom, but a very traditional latrine pit, which was not a place to bath.

Li Jin had to bath in the kitchen.

While showering, Li Jin measured his body.

His height was 1.8 meters tall, but the body was unhealthily thin.

Li Jin was a doctor, before arriving in this world. As a doctor with an extra workload, he had to keep a healthy body.

He even had six-pack abs.


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2 years ago

Thank you so much for translating this story!

2 years ago
Reply to  martha

Thank you for reading.

1 year ago

truck-kun making an appearance there.
Wow, he even had a 6 pack, he ran out of 6 pack.
Thanks for the chapter!

1 year ago

Yes build back that six pack

8 months ago

Mc asks how long “she” has beed in labor, and gets an answer of “he” started to feel pain an hour ago.
Just to funny, cant wait to see how mc reacts to his male wife.