Chapter 1 Surprise (Part-2)


The call log didn’t have a trace of this number, but Lin Xing Qing dialed that number skilfully as if she had dialed this hundred times.

In fact, Lin Xing Qing did dial this number many times but she wasn’t able to make up her mind to call. 

But this time, looking at this strange yet familiar number on her mobile phone, Lin Xing Qing could only breathe deeply, and firmly pressed the dial button.

In a huge office with low key yet luxurious decorations a 28-year-old woman was quietly reading some official documents keenly.

Her hair was neatly combed, and she was wearing a customized black color suit with a matching pair of heeled sandals. 

Whenever she looked down one could easily see her dashing eyebrows. Her face shape was round, yet she had a straight face. Her powerful demeanor was enough to make people around her flinch.

The sound of reading documents and marking was the only noise that could be heard there.

There was a stack of documents on the table, it was enough to prove how much workaholics the woman was.


The ringing of the cell phone was particularly noticeable in such a quiet environment.

The woman who was looking through the official document paused for a second and took out her mobile phone from her pocket.


It was just a string of numbers, but when the woman saw that number her mouth curled into a slight smile. 

She calmly picked up the phone, and answered the call.


There was no sound coming from the other side of the phone, other than the noise of a slight gasp and light breathing.

The woman behaved very patiently. She picked up a document, leaned back slightly and started reading it while waiting quietly with her mobile phone in her hand.

For a while there was only the sound of each other’s breathing could be heard through the phone.

But the silence didn’t last long, a tired female voice finally spoke. Even though it was suppressed, it still sounded very beautiful, “I accept your proposal. You have promised me, don’t forget it.”

Those words were clearly very difficult for that female to say on the phone to say. In the end, those words sounded a bit sour.

But for the woman in the office, this was great news.

Her half narrowed eyes opened in an instant, the corners of the mouth rose, and even her dimples came out. The woman looked particularly young and energetic right now.

“OK, I’ll make all the arrangements immediately.”

When she spoke, the woman’s voice was still steady, no one could hear the slight change in her emotions. 


The female on the other side of the phone sighed a little and quickly hung up the phone call.


After hearing that beep tone of the phone,  the woman still kept holding the mobile phone to her ear and kept listening to that sound for a long time.

The curl of her lips showed that she was in a good mood. Her excitement was difficult to hide.

It was a normal thing for a woman to smile, but when Wang Mi came with the report and saw her, he became scared.

Because of the slight upward turn of her lips, the working efficiency of the whole company that day became unexpectedly very high.


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