Chapter 1 Surprise (Part-1)



This monotonous tune was boring and could make people feel upset after a while. But at this moment, listening to such a sound was like salvation for Lin Xing Qing.

As long as this sound was ringing, it meant that she had not reached the desperate end yet. There was still hope, even if that hope was a little hazy at the moment.

“Miss Lin, your father’s health is deteriorating. You must arrange for the surgery soon and please deposit one million dollars in the hospital for surgery and recovery fees. Any further delay will not be beneficial for the patient’s condition.”

The doctor said it as gently as possible, but each word brought a sharp pain to her.

“Dad…please tell me, what should I do?”

Lin Xing Qing looked at her father who was wearing an oxygen mask and was sleeping on a pure white hospital bed in the pure white hospital room. 

Her father had become so pale and skinny, in just a month. Ever since Xing Qing could remember, it was only her and her father backing each other.

When she was young, she wanted to know about her mother, but every time she asked, her father would become very sorrowful.

After growing up, Xing Qing no longer asked that question. After getting past having no mother, her father became the best dad. 

From the living room to the kitchen, he took care of her and made enough money to support her. He would even participate in almost all parent-child activities in her school.

Her dad took on the role of both mother and father in her life.

“Xing Qing, you are my most precious baby. For your well-being, I am willing to suffer.”

Lin Xing Qing didn’t remember when he had said that, but she remembered his loving expression.

His face had a smile on it, and he embroidered a small flower into the hole where her clothes had torn. That expression was of happiness from the heart.

She was her dad’s baby, and she would always be, no matter how many years passed.

“Dad, I want to always be your baby.”

Lin Xing Qing couldn’t help but kneel beside her father’s bed. The hard ground was hurting her knees but she didn’t feel pain. 

She just put her dad’s skinny hand on her face carefully. The hand was weak and cold, forming an extreme contrast with her face.

Tears seem to flow more and more from her eyes, dripping onto the hands forming a pool of water.

Ignoring the tears on her face, Lin Xing Qing carefully wiped the tears on her father’s hands with a paper towel and carefully placed his hands on the side of the bed.

Lin Xing Qing knelt like that and looked at her father for a long time before standing up.

She had knelt for so long that her knee was swollen with unbearable pain.

“Xing Qing, what have you done. You’re a grown up kid, why didn’t you take care of yourself? Come, let me see, where is the injury…”

In a trance, Lin Xing Qing seemed to see her father sitting up, frowning slightly, and beckoning to her. The words in his mouth seemed to scold her, but they were full of love for her.

But when she subconsciously wanted to answer, there was nothing in front of her except the one who was still laying down.

Hallucinations were still hallucinations.

Every day since her father fell into the coma, Lin Xing Qing would fall into such an illusion.

However, no matter how many times this happened, even when she clearly knew it was an illusion, Lin Xing Qing still felt a hard pull from her heart, a kind of heavy, unbearable pain spread from her heart, making it hard for her to breathe.

When the pain retreated from her heart, Lin Xing Qing wiped her tears while looking at the figure lying on the hospital bed. She slowly raised the corner of her mouth and smiled.

“Dad, I will always be your baby, so you have to take care of me life-long. It was our deal, right?”

Those soft words coupled with the raised lips and Xing Qing’s bright face should have been a wonderful picture, but at the moment it had an unbearable sadness in it.

How outsiders wanted to see, Lin Xing Qing had nothing to do with it. After a quiet moment with her father, Xing Qing closed the ward door and leaned against it.

She took out her phone from her pocket, and without any hesitation dialed a number.



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