Chapter-1 A Magic (Part-1)


A concentrated crowd gathered on the outskirts of the largest plaza in Las Vegas while the others gathered on the nearby skyscrapers.

A massive car was parked at the side of the plaza, the rambling motor of the car bore resemblance to a crouching beast ready to pounce on its prey.  

The viewers’ eyes were stuck to the black coffin, and the atmosphere was getting jittery.

The cover of the coffin hindered the light, allowing unnerving darkness to fill the tiny space within. 

Labored breathing sound leaped off the heavy coffin wood. A tall and bulky figure crouched within it.

Likewise, the coffin obstructed Mu Yuan’s line of sight while the endless silence ate away his calmness.

In contrast, the sound of random conversations mixed with the loud roaring noise of the motor car engine from outside pierced his eardrums.

“Oh my god! This magician from China must be crazy by wanting to perform coffin-escapism!”

“Master magician Hai Ge had performed this magic trick successfully, six years back. But, nobody had ever succeeded in replicating the same coffin-escapism trick after that! What is this Chinese magician thinking of himself, he wants to be another Master Hai Ge?”

“There are rumors that this novice magician wanted to invite the Master magician to witness his coffin-escapism trick but was rejected by him.”

“Oh my god, are those petty tricks of these Chinese magicians even worth the wait?”

This disdain and mocking laughter stabbed at Mu Yuan’s heart mercilessly like sharp knives, causing his breath to hasten.

His second-class identity as a Chinese citizen had made his exchange experience arduous ever since he left his mother country ten years ago. 

To make things worse, because of his identity, no one wanted to invest in him.

This performance must be successful because he had put in nearly three years of hard work and risked everything for it.

He must let the world know that Chinese magicians also possessed superb magic tricks!

Quelling the pain and bitterness in his heart, he quickened his hands in untangling the thin rope that bound his wrists behind his back. 

However, after multiple tries and methods, he still couldn’t untangle it!

Meanwhile, the rumble of the car engine gradually masked all the voices of the audience. A buzzing noise sounded in Mu Yuan’s ears, and the beads of perspiration dotted his forehead.

The sweat slowly trickled along his cheeks and down his shirt. The more Mu Yuan fumbled with the thin rope, the more it got tightened and cut into his flesh, bringing him immense pain.

Mu Yuan shivered from the cold, the searing pain in his wrist left his fingers limp.

The performance end time drew near. If he still couldn’t untangle the knot, he would be mercilessly run over by the car.

There was no escape route in this game, death was imminent!

Mu Yuan’s lips turned pale because of fear, desperation shadowed his eyes and face.

This knot was not the planned knot of this trick. The props master, that he had known for a long time and who claimed to support him forever while blushing just a while ago, had tied a dead knot on his wrist.

Moreover, the escape trigger beneath the coffin wasn’t budging no matter how hard he pressed it. Bo Ge was out to condemn him to death!

Magicians did not possess any supernatural powers. Every magician props were designed with intricate triggers to create the illusion of wonder. 

Every magician had an accompanying prop-master, who would be responsible for supporting the magician in his tricks. But it seemed like, Mu Yuan’s prop-master had betrayed him.

He was the one who had pulled that skinny boy called Bo Ge out of the slums. That boy had once pledged his eternal allegiance to him to show his gratitude!

Yet, what he had done now was practically betraying him. Hatred and fear tore Mu Yuan’s mind, causing his rigid body to cramp up uncontrollably in the coffin.

The coffin was shut with nails. It was impossible for him to terminate this performance. The only thing waiting for Mu Yuan was death!

The piercing cry of the car coupled with the sharp screech from the friction replaced all the voices outside the coffin in an instant. 

The car with a high speed resembled an enraged beast pouncing fiercely at its prey. And the prey was Mu Yuan.


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