Chapter-1 Mr.Zhao, I’m Asking You (Part-2)


There were thirty minutes left before Chang Yu returned to home.

Ji Yao Guang’s heart was thumping wildly, it was beating more quickly then the time when she had proposed Chang Yu.

She and Chang Yu were in the same college. Chang Yu was studying in the acting department to sharpen her skills. And Ji Yao Guang was studying Chinese to become a professor.

But Yao Guang left her carrier plans and followed Chang Yu just by depending on her looks to enter the entertainment industry.

She recalled, Chang Yu was hesitant about her decision to become an actor.

Ji Yao Guang joined the industry to act and create her own name but it didn’t take long before she could remember her original self.

Leaving Chang Yu was the worst decision of her life.

The ticking sound of the clock was working as a lullaby and she felt sleepy.

Ji Yao Guang directly pinched her thighs to keep awake.

After a while, Yao Guang heard the noise of the door opening and a bright light came.

Ji Yao Guang stared at the door, and the heart was filled with tension and joy with some yearning.

Chang Yu had come back, but there was a man in a black suit with her, carrying a briefcase.

Chang Yu had come with a lawyer.

Ji Yao Guang tilted on the sofa, and glared at the man angrily.

Yao Guang looked at the Chang Yu, who had a soft face with soothing eyes like a pool of stale water. She had the same air of apathy on her body-her fans on Weibo always called her ‘Ice Goddess’. 

Ji Yao Guang had hardly seen her smile, particularly in the last six months. 

Did she make her feel so exhausted?

Chang Yu glanced at Ji Yao Guang and saw Yao Guang had the same lofty arrogance and pompous attitude.

Everyone had said the wedding is a seven-year craving, was their craving only one year?

The enormous scandals of Yao Guang had consumed her patience and made her weary a long time ago.

Ji Yao Guang intentional closeness with other actors made her feel absurd.

Chang Yu always hated herself for not stopping Yao Guang in the college from entering this circle.

Chang Yu was an orphan, she thought Yao Guang and her companionship were for a life but she didn’t know even this would like this.

She kneaded her eyebrows, and felt she was immensely tired.

“Ji Yao Guang.”, Chang Yu said in a very calm tone.

Ji Yao Guang body became rigid after hearing her name.

Chang Yu had always called her ‘Ji’ or ‘Yao Guang’. A few months back, she had quarreled with Chang Yu. She wanted Chang Yu to call her ‘Yao Yao’ intimately, but Chang Yu didn’t agree.

Yao Guang loved to create unnecessary troubles.

“We have to trouble you Mr. Zhao.”

Chang Yu nodded at the lawyer and signaled him to take out the documents.

The divorce agreement, the property division agreement, etc. were placed neared Ji Yao Guang making her feel muddled.

“If you have any questions, you can ask. And if not then sign it.” Chang Yu told her in a cold tone.  

After writing “Ji Yao Guang” she could be free from Chang Yu.

Chang Yu lifted up her head and glanced over the room. All the furnishings were personally done by both of them.

How did her relation with Yao Guang came to this point?

The pen was a little cold, Ji Yao Guang nudged the divorce paper with it, hoping to poke a hole in it. 

Ji Yao Guang played with the pen and chuckled, “I have a problem with this divorce!”


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