Chapter-1 Mr.Zhao, I’m Asking You (Part-1)


After waking up, Ji Yao Guang became shocked by the photo frame present on the side table.

She was familiar with this room, but when she looked around her eyes became tearful.

Ji Yao Guang was feeling dizzy, she remembered the scene of her ex-wife and another woman hugging outside the bookstore.

They were both looking happy.

After her divorce from Chang Yu, Ji Yao Guang had abstained from knowing anything related to her.

After their divorce, Chang Yu quit the film industry and kept a distance from her. Chang Yu was even generous enough to let her play merrily in the entertainment circle alone.

Whoever said that time could take away all the grief and pain was a big lier.

Ji Yao Guang regretted their divorce most in her life. The agreement she had signed with Chang Yu was like a death sentence for her.

Yao Guang wasn’t willing to separate from her wife.

Seeing her ex-wife snuggled in the arms of other women was very torturing. It was like a blunt knife was slowly slashing her heart.

When Ji Yao Guang saw that scene, she got provoked and purchased some wine to drink her sorrows with it. Maybe somehow, this wine let her forgot the loss.

When she got conscious Yao Guang found that she in was her private villa.

Then, who had taken her from the cold-hard ground to her warm bedroom?

No, she was wrong.

This was not her private villa, but her and Chang Yu’s home. She had left this house for Chang Yu after their divorce and went abroad.

Ji Yao Guang returned China after living a year abroad, when her and Chang Yu’s divorce news settled down.

Ji Yao Guang slowly stretched out her hand and touched the wooden stand given to her by Chang Yu to place their mobile phones on it.

Chang Yu.

Ji Yao Guang could only say that name when she was alone.

After watching Chang Yu hugging someone else, she wanted to pull her away, but did she have any right to do so? 

She didn’t even had the courage to face Chang Yu, who had given up her glorious carrier to avoid her in the entertainment industry.

Chang Yu.

Ji Yao Guang kept repeating that name.

A incoming message sound came, and the initially dim mobile phone was suddenly lit.

Ji Yao Guang glimpsed at the time shown on the phone. She abruptly sat up while hitting her head on the corner of the bed.

December 9, 2017- was displayed on the mobile phone.

This was the day when she had separated from Chang Yu, but it was three years ago.

Could it be that the phone was damaged? 

She hastily got off the bed and ran out of the room.

On the living room table, Yao Guang saw a divorce agreement was lying which was signed under her name.

Ji Yao Guang laughed madly after seeing the agreement.

Did she return in the past? Or was this a dream?

Yao Guang pinched herself harshly and tears came out of her eyes, but she could still hardly believe it.

She had a big dispute with Chang Yu just before their divorce. It was more of a mad shouting from her side on the Chang Yu.

After a while, Chang Yu looked calmly at her and said “Divorce.” with a cold look.

They had loved each others for years and been married for one year.

Hearing the word ‘Divorce’, Ji Yao Guang lost got mad, and madly shouted at her, “You leave!”

Ji Yao Guang hastily prepared the divorce agreement and waited at home for Chang Yu to sign it.

Ji Yao Guang wanted to kill herself for her stupidity.

Even this was a dream, she didn’t want to divorce Chang Yu again. 

She was so vulnerable in the real world, she didn’t want to feel that pain again in her dream?

She glared at the divorce agreement and ripped it into pieces.

She would not divorce Chang Yu.

Just because of her useless anger and pride, she had pushed Chang Yu in the arms of other.

Chang Yu started her acting carrier at the young age of seven. She had the habit to return home at seven.

Ji Yao Guang sat on the sofa while waiting for her.


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2 years ago

Tnx for the chapter, making rash decisions really lead to regret…