Chapter-1 A Magic (Part-2)


Mu Yuan suddenly woke up, he desperately struggled to open the knot once again.

He did not want to die yet, he still had many dreams that he had not fulfilled.

However, that thin rope like a sharp blade intruded into his flesh and latched onto his wrist bone.

I cannot die…At least not like this…he cannot…

He tried to slam his body against the heavy coffin, so he could grab the attention of the crowd. But, it was all in vain as the heavy coffin remained affected by that minute force.

The motor car came rushing towards the coffin with a beast-like roar and slammed it while the crowd was enveloped in silence.


With a loud crash, the disintegrated coffin flung into the air. A black-haired slender body flung out of the wreck, crashing on to the cemented ground in an abnormally twisted stance.


Other than the high pitched sound of the emergency brakes and the roar of the car engine, the plaza was dead quiet.  

The spectators covered their faces and screamed unconsciously. Some of them constantly motioned crosses sign along their chest.

However, there was one person who was standing at the edge of the crowd and watching everything keenly. In the end, that person chuckled lightly while lowering his head.

Mu Yuan felt that his body had cracked into pieces as all his senses gradually faded and darkness swallowed him. 

When he landed after the crash, his cornea glutted with blood, painting his vision red.

He wasn’t able to breathe because he felt like his lungs were submerged in blood. The surrounding screams sounded further and further away from him.

Everything was over. He wasn’t able to fulfill his dreams before he died. 

Immense hate and regret filled his consciousness. He was not willing to die, not now, not like this.

The loud crash with the sight of the black-haired man staring at the sky while oozing blood from his every pore etched in the memory of many spectators for a lifetime. 

The chaos distracted the crowd from hearing the muttering of that man.

“I really want to live? Even if it means, I could never reincarnate, give me a chance to average myself, and to drag that bastard into the hell!”

“Pledge your devotion and follow the darkness, and you shall become my pureblood relative. Give up your past and surrender your memories, and welcome your new life. Give up your freedom and present your soul to the god of evil, and you shall have eternal life.”

Who…Who is speaking…

Mu Yuan wanted to sit up and find the source of the voice, then he realized, he was paralyzed in the mid-air.

“Shall we seal the contract now?”

Mu Yuan shook open his eyes, but he wasn’t able to discern anything other than the blackness. The sense of barrenness overwhelmed his senses and tainted his soul black.

“Are you the devil?”

“The Devil?” 

The hidden man chuckled softly and replied slowly, “You can say that.”

The voice paused momentarily before asking in a position tone, “Are you going to seal the contract or not? If you are unwilling to form a contract, I will do as you wish and send you off for the reincarnation.”

Mu Yuan somehow sensed an eagerness in that monotonous voice. The other party seemed very eager to make him agree?

Was this some kind of conspiracy? But the other party had ultimate power, and there was no need for him to do that.

Moreover, he was the one who had summoned him unknowingly…

Suppressing his worries, Mu Yuan licked his dry lips and said, “I am willing to commit my faith to eternal darkness and present my soul and flesh to the God of death, only if I can stand on the stage and push those betrayers down into the abyss of hell. But…”

Mu Yuan paused and shook his head in a somewhat confused manner, “But, why do I have to surrender my memories? Then how is it different from reincarnation?”

The man took a while before answering him.

“If I leave your obsession intact in your soul, is that fine with you?”

A figure slowly appeared from the empty blackness and Mu Yuan noted the giant shadow lingering behind the figure.

Despite being uncertain whether his deepest obsession was getting his revenge or becoming a first-class magician, Mu Yuan knew that this was the ultimate compromise of the other party.

“Let’s get started.”

Just as the words came out from his mouth, a bright white light imploded from the darkness and nearly blinded him.

His consciousness slowly started to ooze out of him.

“What kind of life, should I suppose to have in the future?” he murmured anxiously without getting any reply.

The second he lost all his senses, his body felt like it was wrapped in a very soft material that was exuding a calming scent.

“Welcome back.” The man said.


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