Chapter-1 A Baby (Part-2)


The heavy rainfall occur for more than three days.

The loud sound of the rainfall woke up Xu Zhen, then she suddenly remembered the little girl and probed her hands to touch her forehead.

But, there was nothing to touch or more like there was no one on the bed beside her.

Xu Zhen quickly opened her eyes and tried to light a candle to find the little girl. She somehow kicked something when she tried to get down from the bed.

She got scared and spoke loudly, “Who put some object in the middle of the room.”

The thing lying on the ground suddenly moved. And the two tiny sparks of light were revealed.

Xu Zhen got more scared and she quickly step back in the horror.

After a long while when she looked at the ground with the help of the moonlight, then she found the two sparks of light was actually the light reflected by the little girl’s eyes.

The eyes were very peach blossom shape and were extremely beautiful.

She asked the girl, “How are you feeling right now?”

The girl ignored her and was extended her head to find something.

Xu Zhen asked again, “Girl. What is your name?”

The girl still didn’t answer her.

Xu Zhen directly introduced herself first, “I am Xu Zhen. I have spent twelve gold units to purchase you. I have even helped you with your wounds. Overall, I am your benefactor.”

The twitching eyelid of the girl gradually lowered.

Xu Zhen asked again, “Do you want to sleep? You have to remember that you still owe me twelve units, and you should contact your guardian to send back the money tomorrow.”

The girl replied with a very soft voice.

Xu Zhen wasn’t able to hear, and she could only guess, “Do you want me to directly ask for the money from your guardian?”

The girl again spoke something.

Xu Zhen wasn’t able to hear clearly again. She tried to lean over and said, “Where do you live?”

That girl spoke again in a low voice with some fierceness, “Go away.”

Xu Zhen got mad with anger.

She had saved the life of this girl and now he was being treated like this. If it was not for the merit points, she would have like to throw this girl out of her house.

“You. Little white-eyed wolf.” Xu Zhen shouted and tried to sleep again.

In the dark and empty bedroom, the faint sound of the girl’s breathing amplified in her ears.

The breathing of the girl became louder and it somewhat seemed intentional against her.

After getting over her bad mood, Xu Zhen finally rolled over and dragged the little girl to the bed. She even covered her with a quilt, and then only she finally dared to fall asleep.

The heavy rainfall had finally stopped the next day.

Xu Zhen summoned the system to check her merits. Since the points didn’t remain the same every day as she checked, Xu Zhen started to guess the points as usual.

Ten points, ten points.

When the interface opened, it was eight points.

Xu Zhen was speechless, “…”

Although it was less than she had initially expected, but still it was an increase.

The eight points meant that she could live for eight days with ease. She didn’t have to worry about the next eight days, which made her quite happy.

Xu Zhen turned her head and found the little girl’s complexion had returned to rosy.

The little girl was thin with sunken cheeks. She had black eyelashes covering the eye sockets. She somewhat seemed to be of mixed race or had some a foreign gene.

The Hu community people were divided into many of small countries, eventhough they didn’t exist as dynasty. They were surrounded by Han people from all the sides.

Hu and Han were enemies, and they usually beat each other whenever they met. This little girl as a part Hu community people must have suffered a lot.

She tried to touch her face, but the girl hurriedly opened her eyes. Those eyes were looking more pious and shiny than yesterday.

Xu Zhen smiled and asked her, “How was your sleep?”

The little girl didn’t reply like yesterday.

Xu Zhen asked again, “I have forgotten to ask you, what is your name?”

The little girl moved her lips slightly, and some pieces of the chapped skin fell from her lips.

Xu Zhen took a towel from the side and wetted her lips while asking, “Yesterday you were impolite, but I won’t blame you for that. Can you talk politely today?”

The little girl’s eyes were covered in bottomless shadows while she stared at Xu Zhen for a long time, and said nothing.

Xu Zhen was somewhat disheartened and said, “Even if you wanted to go. You should at least wait until your body is fully recovered.”

The little girl looked a little tired, with her dazed eyes..

Xu Zhen scolded her with a smile, and said, “Little dumb girl.”

After scolding the little girl, Xu Zhen was ready to go and start her work.

When passed by the room, she saw her newly published books returned from the Yunmo store.

Xu Zhen picked up the ten copies of the ‘Encyclopedia of Flowers, Birds, and Fishes’ to sell them into the market.

Xu Zhen chose a corner and sat while waiting for the buyers. After a while, an old man finally came to her.

Old Man squatted down and looked at the books with his trembling hands and asked, “What kind of book are you selling?”

Xu Zhen thought that the old man wouldn’t be able to hear her, so she replied loudly, “To grow flowers, to pet birds and to cultivate fish!”

Old Man looked for a while and unhurriedly told her, “I can hear you normally.”

Xu Zhen quickly lowered her voice and asked him, “What type of book do you want to buy? If you purchase this book, it will help you double the production of flowers, birds, and fish!”

Old Man while squatting slowly told her, “I am not able to read it clearly, what does this book say?”

When she saw the old man’s fingers full of dirt, Xu Zhen asked, “Sir, do you cultivate flowers at home?”

Old Man nodded and said, “Someone sent me flowers, but I don’t understand how to raise it. So, I am not able to keep those flowers.”

Xu Zhen replied, “It’s because different flowers have different techniques to raise them.” 

She took her book and showed him while saying, “If you want to plant this type of small flower, you have to water it every three weeks, otherwise, the flower will be dead.”

The old man stared at the picture drawn by Xu Zhen in the book and became a little fascinated and asked, “What else should be done?”

Xu Zhen replied, “You can buy this book and see the rest of the instructions yourself.”

Old Man often came to the market, but this was the first time he saw Xu Zhen. He always had a feeling that this person was a fraud, but the content and picture of the book looked very attractive.

The little sapling painted on the book was the same he had planted in his house. The instruction was written under it “only water every seven days while pouring it through the roots.”

He didn’t know if it was fraud or not, but he still asked the price of the book.

He learned that as long as he brought three copies, one copy would be free on it. He painfully purchased one book and hurriedly left the market.


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2 years ago

So it was a buy two get one free? TBH she should just add the books that don’t sell into a back catalogue, sell at a discount later. Thanks for the chapter.

9 months ago

1 merit = 1 day of livin sounds rough af, esp when you’re dirt poor