ATIVHE: Chapter-9


Sang Ran was a little uncomfortable, but she still followed Mother Zhu.

She wished that Zhu Chang An had the same temperament as Mother Zhu, generous without being squeamish, refreshing but shrewd. And importantly be polite.

Even if she came over empty-handed, Zhang Cui Xia could still laugh and not make her feel embarrassed.

When she asked for the mother, Mother Zhu immediately gave her the money without asking any more questions.

Sang Ran didn’t stay long and came out in just a few minutes. 

Originally, Zhang Cui Xia wanted to follow her to see Grandpa Sang, but they hadn’t settled down yet. 

After Sang Ran persuaded her with a few words, she didn’t insist.

Sang Ran quickly ran to the place where Grandpa Sang was before, but he was no longer there, so she hurried outside.

She saw Uncle Sang standing with a dark face at the place where they parked their bicycles.

Seeing her coming, Uncle Sang said in a displeased voice, “Where have you gone?? Why are you behaving like a child?!”

“Ran Ran came to town, it’s alright if she took a while.”

Sang Ran ran in a hurry, so she was still gasping for breath and didn’t answer in time. 

She glanced at the two boxes of medicine in Grandpa Sang’s hand, and after a while, she forgot to answer but frowned while asking.

“Just prescribe this medicine??”

Grandpa Sang answered with a smile, “This is enough, I am fine.”

Hearing their interaction, Uncle Sang’s face darkened, he took a puff of the cigarette, and solemnly said, “You put it so lightly, do you know how much these medicines cost?” 

“Five yuan!!!”

Sang Ran pursed her lips and wanted to say didn’t you know how many five yuan Grandpa spent to raise you.

But it was pointless to say, they were all forty or fifty years old, so they wouldn’t wake up just because of her words. 

They were all cold-blooded because they took it for granted.

Maybe today he was Grandpa Sang, and he would make the same choice. When people got old, they would die, so it was better not to waste money on treatment.

Sang Ran directly pulled Grandpa Sang and said, “Grandpa, I just borrowed a hundred yuan. Let’s go to the hospital first, have the operation done, and then we can go back.”

Uncle Sang froze and looked at her in disbelief. He couldn’t speak for a while.

Grandpa Sang was also shocked, he asked, “Where did you borrow so much money?”

“I just saw Aunt Zhu and borrowed from her.” Sang Ran smiled and answered in a normal tone.

She pulled Grandpa Sang over and said, “Let’s go to the hospital first to prepare for the surgery.”

Aunt Zhu??

Wasn’t this the family that Ran Ran was discussing marriage with??

Grandpa Sang broke out in a cold sweat and waved his hand. He pulled Sang Ran back, and said in a panic, “What a fool you are? Grandpa is in good health, why did you borrow the money? Pay it back first, isn’t this a sin?!” 

What if the family would treat Ran Ran badly because of this.

Thinking of this, Grandpa Sang’s heart hurts.

“Grandpa!” Sang Ran shouted in a serious tone.

Grandpa Sang stopped panicking and looked at her with a bit of timidity.

With a sullen face and firm attitude, Sang Ran said, “I have borrowed all this money, and it is impossible to pay it back now. If you don’t go to the doctor, I will lose both the money and you. And I will still have to repay the debt in the future.”

“Silly girl!” Grandpa Sang cursed hoarsely with red eyes, and his voice choked.

After a while, Uncle Sang returned to his senses, but he did not stop them. Instead, he cheerfully said, “That’s right, the third girl is filial. Dad, let’s go to the doctor first.”

Well, they didn’t have to spend the money.

“Grandpa, let’s go through the hospitalization procedures first. You should rest here. Uncle and I will go back and get some clothes from home.” 

Sang Ran put a smile on her face and pushed Grandpa Sang to the hospital.

Grandpa Sang shook his lips and speechlessly looked at the silly granddaughter.

He had raised so many sons, but only one granddaughter truly cared for him.

Grandpa Sang didn’t resist the treatment anymore. Sang Ran took him to go through the hospitalization procedures.

Grandpa Sang was assigned a ward. There were several patients in the ward, but not many family members.

Grandpa Sang was settled for the time being, and Uncle Sang had to go back and settle a lot of things at home. 

And Sang Ran wanted to go back to get things, so she went with him.


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