ATIVHE: Chapter-8


Sang Ran didn’t believe that Mother Zhu would be willing to lend her hundred dollars for free, but she had no other way but to ask her.

Although the memory of the original body, Mother Zhu’s, was good, the situation was different at that time.

At the moment, the Zhu family was having a beautiful time. It could be easily seen from Mother Zhu’s figure, that in the age where there was a lack of clothing and food, she was still slightly plump.

Although Zhu Chang An couldn’t find a good wife, there was no shortage of money at home. 

If you had money, how could you be afraid that no girl would be willing to marry him?!

The main reason that Zhu’s family was willing to marry the original body was that the original body had a good reputation in the village.

The original owner was well-behaved and submissive.

At the moment, Zhang Cui Xia was still very satisfied with this daughter-in-law. So, she asked that question with some concern.

The two sides had verbally agreed on this marriage, but the auspicious date of giving the betrothal gift still had to be fixed.

After Sang Ran called out auntie, Zhang Cui Xia’s face looked better, so she asked about the situation.

Sang Ran told the truth without any ambiguity.

“Auntie, I know it shouldn’t be here at this time, but I have grown up with my grandfather, and if I didn’t come with him, I will have an uneasy conscience all my life.”

Sang Ran carefully added, “I was about to find you. Auntie, please help me borrow some money. Don’t worry, it will write an IOU and will definitely pay you back!!”

Hearing about the money, Zhang Cui Xia’s smile slowly faded and she hesitated a little.

One hundred dollars wasn’t a small amount, it was enough for an ordinary family to live for a year or two.

Sang Ran slowly bit her lips, it was the first time in her life that she had to borrow money like this.

At the moment, Sang Ran was also feeling very embarrassed. 

After graduating from college, she was also short of money at that time, but she had the confidence to borrow money from her friends, because the amount was small, and she had the confidence to pay it back.

But this one hundred dollars was estimated to be the salary of at least several months, and not to mention that others wouldn’t believe that she could pay it back at her level.

But apart from her in-laws, the Zhu family, Sang Ran couldn’t think of anyone else who could lend her such a big amount.

Getting help from Song Jian Guo was impossible, the original body wasn’t familiar with him, not to mention the female lead, Su Ya who had already snatched him away from the original owner.

It would be bad for her to have any kind of interaction with them, if she was tricked by Su Ya again, she didn’t know what the consequences would be.

Thinking of Grandpa Sang still in the hospital, Sang Ran told herself that she had to be thick-skinned, it would be a good thing if she succeeded, otherwise it was okay to fail.

Zhang Cui Xia glanced a few times at the little girl in front of her. 

As a well-organized woman who had to manage a big family like Zhu’s, she still has a deep mind. 

Zhang Cui Xia had a way to refuse to lend money in a good voice, without causing any annoyance in their relationship.

But at this time, Mother Zhu didn’t refuse Sang Ran and asked, “Can you really repay the money yourself?”

“Yes!!” Sang Ran vigorously nodded her head. 

Zhang Cui Xia heartily smiled, with a little more appreciation in her eyes. 

The Sang Ran in front of her was more to her taste than the Sang Ran she had heard about before. 

Mother Zhu said, “I like you so I will lend you the money. But before lending, I want to make it clear at first, even if you get married into our family in the future, this account cannot be erased.”

“Okay, sure.” Sang Ran loudly laughed and said, “Thank you, Auntie. Thank you for your help!!”

“Come on, let’s go and get the money with me.” Zhang Cui Xia laughed and waved her hand.

“Where are we going?” Sang Ran subconsciously asked, could her future mother-in-law still carry such a big amount with her.

Zhang Cui Xia glanced at her and smiled.

“What do you think I’m here for?? My eldest daughter-in-law was giving first to the second child, so I came here to give her soup. Go to her place to get the money.” Zhang Cui Xia said and raised her hand carrying the lunch box towards her.

Sang Ran instantly remembered the plot that the day when the original owner wanted to run away from her home was the day when Zhang Cui Xia’s grandson was born.

And Mother Zhu was very happy, so even when Mother Zhu knew that the original owner was locked up by her mother for refusing to marry her son, she didn’t care much.



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