ATIVHE: Chapter-7


When Grandpa Sang turned his head, he saw a little aggrieved expression on his favorite granddaughter’s face.

Grandpa Sang wasn’t stupid, he was just a honest poor farmer.

Grandpa Sang had always known that the most filial child among his sons and grandsons was probably this child who had an aggrieved expression on her face because of him. 

It was a pity that this child was a girl.

Grandpa Sang with a gentle heart slowly whispered to Sang Ran, “It’s okay, grandpa doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Listening to the grandpa’s careful whispering, Sang Ran’s heart turned sour, and her eyes immediately became red. 

Although the old man in front of her wasn’t her grandfather.

But Sang Ran had inherited all the memories of the original body and had already seen their careful interactions. 

For this old man, her heart was still complicated and anxious.

Grandpa Sang and Sang Ran had always been in a good relationship. So, he didn’t expect that when he went to comfort Sang Ran, it would become counterproductive.

Seeing her granddaughter crying, Grandpa Sang could only hurriedly console her, “Ran Ran, I am okay.”

Grandpa Sang wanted to stand up and comfort her, but his knees were really hurting a lot. 

With just a slight movement, Grandpa Sang’s face became distorted with pain. But he still gritted his teeth and tried to stand up and went to comfort his granddaughter.

After taking two steps tentatively, he smiled and said, “Look, isn’t I all right?!”

“Well…yes.” Sang Ran squeezed out a small smile but still choked. 

Looking at the smile on his granddaughter’s face, Grandpa Sang felt relieved. 

Sang Ran helped the grandpa sit down while staring at the wrinkled skin and curved bones of the old man. 

No flesh could be detected on the old man’s face or body.

She had to quickly find a way to make some money.

Was there any way to quickly earn a hundred dollars in a day or two??

Taking a deep breath, Sang Ran felt that she had to go out and see.

“I will go out and look around first.” Sang Ran was embarrassed to cry in front of others, so she hurriedly said and went out.

Seeing Sang Ran walking hurriedly, Grandpa Sang wanted to chase her, but his legs started hurting as he got up.

After helping Grandpa Sang to sit down, Uncle Sang unhappily said, “What are you doing standing up? She is so big, why are you afraid that she won’t be able to come back? Can you create less trouble?!”

Hearing his elder son’s dissatisfaction, Grandpa Sang’s eyes dimmed and he quickly nodded and sank deep in his seat.

When people got old, they thought that they were unconsciously dragging their children down, so they had no confidence in front of their children.

Walking out of the ward, Sang Ran leaned against the hospital’s corridor.  

Lowering her head, she closed her eyes, to calm himself down, thinking clearly about how to make some money faster and efficiently.

After returning home, Grandpa Sang would seriously fall ill.

Except for his injured legs that had been lying in the water for a long time, he had many new or old injuries that were caused because of doing strenuous work in his old age.

But today was the first day she had come to this era, and she was still a penniless ghost.

In her previous life, Sang Ran was a computer science major. 

She looked like a soft girl, but she was strong in her work. She was no different from the boys in the company, so the boss didn’t feel embarrassed to enslave her, but of course, her salary was very high.

But the job took all her free time, so she didn’t have time to learn any other skills. Sang Ran didn’t even know how to cook simple dishes like meat-buns.

In this era, her knowledge of computer science was no different from a block of waste wood.

Could she still move bricks?!

But Sang Ran didn’t know if a woman was needed to work on the construction site in this era?!

While Sang Ran was thinking of ways to make money, someone suddenly patted her shoulder.

Feeling the extra weight on her shoulder, Sang Ran’s eyes instantly flew open.

A middle-aged woman looked at her, and asked in a wondered tone, “Little Ran, what are you doing here?”

This woman was Zhu Chang An’s mother, Zhang Cui Xia.

Seeing Mother Zhu, Sang Ran’s eyes instantly lit up. At this time in the plot, Zhu’s family was still rich.

Sang Ran immediately smiled and cleverly cried out, “Hello, Auntie!!”


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