ATIVHE: Chapter-6


Filial piety was important, parents had raised them, and now it was time to take care of them no matter what, otherwise this society wouldn’t let them live happily.

Uncle Sang became a little unhappy hearing Sang Ran’s words but he knew the stakes better.

So, he instantly corrected himself and said, “Go. Of course, Xiao Ran, wait at home, Uncle Sang will borrow a bicycle and take grandpa to the hospital.” 

Grandma Sang was still a little reluctant, but since the eldest son had said it, she didn’t stop.

But she still retorted in a small voice muttering, “More money was going to be spent. How can there be so much money at home? Isn’t staying at home…”

But while occasionally glancing at unconscious Grandpa Sang, Grandma Sang’s voice would become a little guilty.

Sang Ran was standing there listening to Grandma Sang muttering and waiting for Uncle Sang.

Then she suddenly remembered that the bicycle could only carry two people, and she had to borrow one if she wanted to go. Otherwise, relying on Uncle Sang’s behavior, Grandpa Sang’s end might be that of her previous life, so she hurriedly ran away.

When other villagers heard of Grandpa Sang’s accident, everyone was very enthusiastic to help.

So, when Sang Ran went to borrow a bicycle, they gave her the bicycle without asking for a word, and they even comforted her.

When Sang Ran came back, Uncle Sang was tying Grandpa Sang behind his back to take him to the hospital.

Noticing Sang Ran riding a bicycle, his eyebrows frowned. He had a bad instinct.

Uncle Sang hesitated and asked, “Xiao Ran, what are you doing??”

“Uncle, I will go to the hospital with you.” Sang Ran pursed her lips and in an embarrassed voice said, “I am worried about Grandpa.”

“There is no need…”

“I want to go!” Sang Ran firmly stated.

Having no other choice, Uncle Sang had to let Sang Ran follow him.

It took an hour of a bicycle ride from the village to reach the hospital in the town. 

Uncle Sang’s face didn’t look good at this time. Fortunately, Grandpa Sang woke up midway and insisted on going back home.

Uncle Sang nodded and turned to go back home, it would save him some money. At this time, only Sang Ran insisted on going to the hospital.

Grandpa Sang was kind to all his grandchildren, but he had personally brought Sang Ran, so he loved her the most. 

Seeing his granddaughter’s insistence, he decided to go to the hospital. Although Uncle Sang felt some pain for the money, he still continued to ride to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Sang Ran took the initiative to help him. Uncle Sang only needed to carry Grandpa Sang on his back, and Sang Ran would take care of the other things. 

Looking at Sang Ran’s help, Uncle Sang’s face finally looked a little better. But soon, hearing the doctor’s words, his face became wrong again.

“What? What surgery??” Uncle Sang swallowed, and with a repelling face asked,  “How much will it cost? Doesn’t it work without surgery? Just Prescribe some medicine??”

Grandpa Sang also slowly whispered, “Yes, doctor, my family is poor. Can you just prescribe some medicine?” 

The doctor gently pressed Grandpa Sang’s knee and when he heard the sharp gasp of the old man, he shook his head and said, “Your body has been soaking in the water for a while, and there are also many old injuries. If you don’t have an operation on your knee, you won’t be able to stand up again.”

“Actually, the operation on the knee is not very expensive. It wasn’t a major operation, so it can be done in less than a hundred yuan.”

Looking at their embarrassed expression, the doctor thought, although it was a lot of money for a poor family. But if everyone in the family helped, most families can afford it.

It mainly depended on their reluctance to spend money.

One hundred yuan!

Sang Ran couldn’t help but become shocked. In this era, one hundred yuan was a huge sum of money for a family.

From the memory of the original body, Sang Ran knew that while working throughout the year, one person could only make fifty to sixty yuan. 

One hundred yuan was equivalent to the salary of the two people earned in a year.

Sang Ran’s heart sank.

Even if they could pay, the Sang family wouldn’t pay this money for the old man’s treatment.

Snag Ran looked at Uncle Sang’s face which had turned green listening to the amount.

Grandpa Sang also shook his head in fright.

“It is impossible. It’s too expensive.”

“Doctor, can you just prescribe me some medicine?”

Sang Ran slowly bit her lip and didn’t make a sound. She didn’t have money, so she didn’t have the right to intervene.

Seeing that the patient and his family insisted on going on without surgery, the doctor nodded and turned to prescribe some medicine while talking to Uncle Sang.


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