ATIVHE: Chapter-5


After Grandpa Sang’s accident, Sang Ran’s mother hurriedly contacted the Zhu family and rushed the marriage. Because if Grandpa Sang died, the marriage couldn’t happen this year.  

The original owner didn’t know about her grandpa’s accident until she got married. When she found out, Grandpa Sang had already become very ill. 

The original owner was brought up by her grandpa and Grandpa Sang also missed her before he died. But when the original owner rushed back to meet her grandpa, his funeral had already started.

The task related to this was released by the original body at the end of the plot. It would happen later, hence it wasn’t mentioned before.

Fortunately, Sang Ran had discovered this when she sorted out her memories, so she hurried over to the place where Grandpa Sang fell.

In her past life, Sang Ran had a strong strength in her body, which helped her through many difficulties. Fortunately, in this world, her strength came with her. 

Even though Grandpa Sang was skinny, he still weighs a hundred kilograms. With Grandpa Sang’s weight, if she were the original owner then it would be difficult for her to carry him out of the river.

Sang Ran quickly ran over, threw the person on her back, and hurried back towards the home. 

When she went back, the two little boys of Uncle Sang’s family were shocked seeing Sang Ran come back with the grandfather on her back. 

They both shouted one by one, “Grandma!!!”

The old man who always kindly smiled at them, today didn’t respond to them. 

The two little children were a bit flustered, and suddenly their eyes flushed red.

Sang Ran looked at them, and hastily said, “Go and call back your grandfather.”

“Okay.” The elder boy of the two nodded and obediently ran back to call.

Seeing that his elder brother had run back to call, the other boy also hurried back to follow him but was stopped by Sang Ran.

“Tie Dan, stop!!”

Hearing Sang Ran’s voice, Tie Dan stopped and bit his finger suspiciously. Tears were still hanging on the corners of his eyes.

Sang Ran smiled and said, “You don’t have to go. Come here and look at Grandpa.”

“Okay.” Tie Dan ran over and in his soft milky voice corrected her. 

“Grandma…he is the grandma!”

Grandpa Sang was called grandma by them. 

Sang Ran didn’t reply, and took Grandpa Sang to his room and helped him to lie down.

Grandpa Sang was still unconscious. Sang Ran looked at the skinny old man and felt a little cold behind her. 

A few minutes later, Uncle Sang and Grandma Sang hurried over.

Uncle Sang and Sang Ran’s father looked the same, just a little older. Granny Sang who always scolded everyone had sharp eyes, and an expressionless face which gave people a sense of distance.

When Grandma Sang saw Grandpa Sang lying unconscious on the bed, her expression changed. 

Grandma Sang leaped onto the bed and wailed, “Old man! What’s wrong with you, old man!!!”

Uncle Sang also shouted, “Father!!!”

When he came back, he didn’t expect to see such a scene, his legs softened and he leaned against the wall.

Looking at their reaction, Sang Ran hurriedly spoke.

“Grandma, uncle, grandpa isn’t dead, he had just fainted. I don’t know how long he had been soaked in the water. Let’s quickly take grandpa to the hospital.” The elders immediately relaxed, after hearing her words.

 Uncle Sang wiped his sweat, and said, “Xiao Ran, you child, why didn’t you say it earlier.”

Grandma Sang also wiped her tears and when she heard about the hospital she hesitated a little.

“Won’t it cost a lot of money to go to the hospital? He had just fainted while fishing?? He shouldn’t be injured??”

Sang Ran shook her head and said, “I don’t know, but I still think we should go to the hospital first. Grandpa had suddenly fainted, there must be something wrong with him.”

“If you don’t have time to go, give me money, and I will take Grandpa to the hospital.” Sang Ran added.

Grandma Sang frowned, and her face hurt a bit. “What hospital do you want to go to? He is probably just asleep. Besides, you are only a little girl. How can you be reliable?”

“I can send grandpa to the hospital, and it’s better than not going.” Sang Ran couldn’t help but speak.

Looking at the old man lying on the bed, whose eyes were still closed tightly, Sang Ran whispered, “If you don’t want to go, then I’ll go to the village chief and ask him.” The village chief could always be in charge of this kind of matter.



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