ATIVHE: Chapter-4


Knowing that Sang Ran didn’t follow Sang Xiu Xiu’s words, Mother Sang was not angry and didn’t restrain Sang Ran from going out.

After lunch, the family members took a short break and then again went out to work.

As a girl who was going to be married soon, Sang Ran didn’t need to work in the fields for the time being.

Before going out, Mother Sang didn’t forget to command her. 

“The sun is big, don’t go out. Just stay at home and make a shoe for your man, you know?”

Sang Ran obediently nodded her head, and said, “Yeah.”

Mother Sang didn’t feel that her daughter was different from earlier, she never thought that her daughter was pretending. When she saw Sang Ran nodding her head obediently, she went out with confidence.

The youngest in the family, Sang Ai Jun, was fifteen years old. He didn’t like to study, so he had to go and work in the fields with the family. 

Seeing that Sang Ran is going to stay at home without doing anything, he became envious. He couldn’t help but yell.

“Mom, This is partiality!!!”

Mother Sang slapped Sang Ai Jun’s head, and said, “Am I partial? Since childhood, have I ever sent you less good things? Your sister is going to be married, I have to raise her white. Otherwise, what should I do when her in-laws dislike her?”

To put it bluntly, Sang Ran was good-looking, which was the reason why Zhu’s family came to marry her. If she looked more white maybe, the Zhu family would give them a little more gift. 

Their family was too poor, and with three sons and daughters-in-law, it was hard enough to survive. A little more money would be helpful to them. 

Sang Ai Jun recalled the oily snacks he had secretly eaten a few days ago, and instantly smashed his lips with content, and stopped talking.

Sang Ran was resting at home. She couldn’t make the shoes. Although she had inherited the memory of the original body, this kind of skilled work required a high level of aptitude. 

Just after lying down, Sang Ran suddenly remembered something, and quickly got up and ran out of the house wearing shoes.

Fortunately, with the help of the original owner’s memory, Sang Ran ran straight to the small river near the village entrance. 

Getting a little closer, she saw a thin, gray-haired man resting unconsciously on the river bank. His lower body was still drenched in river water, his life and death were unknown.

There was a bamboo basket beside the old man. A tail of a fish could faintly be seen at the mouth of the basket.

Sang Ran hurried over, her heart was hurting. This old man was no one else but the grandfather of the original body.

The parents of the original body had separated from the family. Besides her father, there was an elder uncle and a younger uncle in the family. 

The grandfather had followed his eldest son, and as the pension for the two elders, the other two younger sons had to give them five yuan a year.

This grandfather was a diligent man, he worked more and talked less. He brought up the original owner, who followed his soft temperament.

In the original plot, today, the original body was beaten and locked up at home, and her grandfather was driven out by her grandmother to go and fish because the grandson of the eldest uncle wanted to eat fish for lunch.

The era was cruel for the elderly. As long as they could work, you couldn’t rest and drag their children.

Grandpa Sang was diligent and obedient, and Grandma Sang was poor and strong-tempered. Grandpa Sang had long been trained to work like a horse for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Therefore, after knowing his great-grandson’s wish, he naturally had to come and fish.

It was just that he was getting older and his agility was not enough to fish. After trying for a long time, he slipped and passed out when he was finally able to grab a fish.

Fortunately, he didn’t drown after, but his lower body was soaked in the river. He was only found by villagers in the late afternoon and was then rescued.  

Because of the late rescue, his legs, which were already broken, were soaked in the water all afternoon, and he got pneumonia.

In the original plot, Grandma Sang didn’t want to waste money to see a doctor for Grandpa’s conditions, so she kept procrastinating. And caused Grandpa Sang to become seriously ill.



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1 year ago

thanks! oh, she managed to save her grandfather! great!