ATIVHE: Chapter-3


In the plot, Sang Xiu Xiu was a small jealous cannon fodder. 

Initially, she was jealous of the marriage contract between the original owner and the Song family, and after the marriage was gone and the marriage partner of the original owner became Zhu’s family son, she suddenly realized that she could also use Su Ya’s method?

So she kept staring at the Zhu family while lobbying and hoping that the original owner would escape this marriage, or maybe the original owner could confront Su Ya.

In any case, she could make a profit.

Although the Zhu family’s younger son, Zhu Chang An wasn’t as good as Song Jian Guo, the Zhu family was very rich.

Marring that kind of rich family was also very good. 

The original body was indeed persuaded by Sang Xiu Xiu’s words because Zhu Chang An was indeed not good husband material. 

In the original plot, the original owner was quite moved, but just as she said her decision, her mother happened to enter the room and heard her words.  

The Mother Sang politely sent Sang Xiu Xiu away, and then she beat up the original owner. After receiving a beating, the original owner compromised but was still locked inside the room until Zhu Chang An came to marry her.

This is why Sang Ran kept silent when Sang Mu came in. And, fortunately, the plot didn’t develop in the original path.

But the life of the original owner was miserable because of this bug. Due to the interference of the bug, the original owner was forced to marry.

Everyone could see her reluctance, as a result, Chang An ignored her after the marriage, but still fought with him. Not long after the marriage, Zhu Chang An was injured because of fighting with others and became crippled.

And after a while, because of gambling, he was sent to prison.

The Zhu Chang An parents thought that after the marriage their son would get better but who knew he would become more rebellious, didn’t like his wife.

After Zhu Chang An entered the prison, Zhu’s family spent all of their wealth to fish him out from there, because of which the partners of the other children of Zhu’s family became reluctant causing the elderly couple to become seriously ill and the family broke down.

After the Zhu family got destroyed, the parents of the original owner picked her up. She thought that now her life would become better, but her life in a natal family wasn’t as good as in her in-laws’ house. 

Her parents wanted to marry her to an old widower in exchange for some money.

Seeing her parents’ action, the original owner was completely disappointed and she fled back to her in-law’s house.

Sang Ran thought that her mother-in-law wouldn’t take her in, but Mother Zhu didn’t speak and let her stay at ease.

After this incident, the original body knew who treated her better.

After all, Sang Ran was still the heroine, her halo was still there. After splitting up from her natal family, she started doing business and worked hard to feed her family. 

But, unfortunately, before she could get Chang An out of the prison, he died inside. 

When Zhu Chang An’s parents heard the news, they couldn’t stand the blow and died straight away. After their death, the original owner lost her will to survive and chose to commit suicide.

After accepting Sang Ran’s memory, she knew what was the price she had to pay.

She got this extra life to live and as a payment, she had to fulfill the original owner’s wish – Save Chang An.

Once Zhu Chang An went on the same path, then she also had to lose her life, which meant that her life was tied to the well-being of Zhu Chang An.

 While eating Sang Ran was thinking about how to fulfill the original owner’s wish.

Suddenly she heard a “Click”.

With a black  face, Mother Sang shouted, “There are only a few bamboo chopsticks at home, Sang Ran, how can you break it!?”

Sang Ran awkwardly lowered her head, and like the original owner continued to eat with her broken bamboo chopsticks, but there was a slight smile in his eyes.

Her golden finger followed her.

Now, things have become simpler.

Zhu Chang An, who was busy eating dinner in the Zhujia village, suddenly felt a little cold behind his back.


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golden finger? it sounds like…strength? oh, this could be hilarious!