ATIVHE: Chapter-2


Originally, Sang Ran didn’t know what was happening, she had simply accepted the memory of the original body for the last eighteen years.

Just after waiting for a while, Sang Xiu Xiu came and talked. Her words helped Sang Ran recall that now she had traveled into a novel world that she had just finished reading 

This was a sweet pet book based on military marriages in the 1980s, but a bug inside the book caused the plot to run in a different direction. And the follow-up content after the plot collapsed also appeared inside Sang Ran’s mind.

This was the third year after the resumption of the college entrance examinations.

The original body, Sang Ran, was self-reliant. There was a family surnamed Song in the next village. The eldest son of the Song family, Song Jian Guo was a very promising child. 

Their family was poor, so he went out early to serve as a soldier and relied on his excellent performance in the army to support his family. 

The original body and Song Jian Guo were engaged when they were very child but there wasn’t much interaction between them. 

The original owner was shy and had a good impression of the Song Jain Guo. Apart from knowing about the marriage contract they had no interaction between them.

Originally, when the original body turned eighteen years old and Song Jian Guo was twenty-six years old, the two had to fulfill their marriage contract.

Later, Song Jian Guo took the original owner to join the army and cultivate their relationship. It was considered marriage first and love later. They lived happy lives.

However, a bug invaded the story, and a girl named Su Ya was reborn.

According to the original plot, Su Ya was supposed to marry an unbearable bastard. Later, that man got into an accident and was shot and killed.

During that time, if the husband had an accident, and the woman wasn’t strong enough, then she would have a miserable life.

Su Ya was like this, without any children, and her family didn’t care about her. She was very poor, because of which she took a cruel path. She ganged up with other men, fighting and creating troubles all day long.

In her forties, Su Ya contracted a visceral disease and lay in the hospital alone.

When Sang Ran and her husband Song Jian Guo heard about it, they went to meet their good friends. 

Su Ya was their friend in their youth, so they tried to help her, but this made Su Ya jealous.

Song Jian Guo had been promoted step by step in the army, their family conditions became very good. 

They had guards driving special vehicles to pick them up. The original body, as Song Jian Guo’s wife, was a winner in life.

After rebirth, Su Ya clearly remembered all this. 

After rebirth Su Ya destroyed the original owner’s marriage with Song Jian Guo and made him marry her.

A few days ago, Song Jian Guo came back from the army and planned to discuss marriage with Sang Ran. 

But, Su Ya used this opportunity and in the name of delivering food to her parents, she went to find Sang Ran.

After seeing Song Jian Ruo coming somehow both the girls fell into the water.

Su Ya wore the same clothes and had the same hairstyle as Sang Ran. Both the girls looked like twins.

When Song Jian Guo was passing by, he saw that scene and hurriedly went to save the people. 

The one who he had saved was Su Ya.

It was summertime, and everyone was wearing fewer clothes. In that situation, people saw a man hugging a girl, which caused the girl’s reputation to be harmed.

In addition, Song Jian Guo didn’t have many feelings for the original owner. So based on the words of a matchmaker ordered by his parents, and for Su Ya’s sake, the two families had to divorce.

And the original body who had also fallen in the water the same way was rescued by Zhu Chang An, a famous gangster.

At that point, the story suddenly changed.

The original owner had to marry Zhu Chang An.

Originally, the marriage contract between Sang Ran and Song Jian Guo was decided by the original body’s grandfather. 

Before Song Jian Guo went to the army, the original body’s parents wanted to dissolve the marriage contract and marry their daughter into a wealthy family. But, because of Song Jian Guo’s promotion, Sang became satisfied with the marriage.

Now when their daughter couldn’t marry Song Jian Guo, they wanted Zhu Chang An to marry her.

Because Zhu’s family was rich and had three sons and two daughters, Zhu Chang An, the youngest one, was the most loved by his parents.

The two daughters of Zhu’s family were also married in a good family in the city, and they had commercial food, and they also supplemented Zhu’s.

And the two of the three sons of the Zhu’s were also quite talented and worked as senior workers in the factory.

The youngest son only knew how to play and drink, but he could afford it.

Marrying the Zhu family was also a blessing.

But it was also a fact that Zhu Chang An was a gangster. He was nineteen years old and had accomplished nothing. 

He only smoked and gambled all day long, and did nothing except being rogue. 

There was just the beginning plot of the novel. Sang Ran has a good memory, so she remembered the lines by heart. 

In the story, Sang Xiu Xiu finished her lines after five paragraphs before persuading the hesitant Sang Ran and then happily left.



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1 year ago

looking forward to the male lead and to see how they interact!