ATIVHE: Chapter-11


Sang Xiu Xiu was stiff and unable to move the whole time as if the acupuncture points of her body were pulled. Her face was hot, she wanted to run but didn’t dare to.

She glanced at Sang Ran’s hand, with a heavy look. She couldn’t believe that Zhu Chang An’s mother was so good.

Before the marriage was completely settled, she was willing to borrow money and send soup?!

Thinking of her thoughts when she laughed at Sang Ran’ s pitiful future at noon, Sang Xiu Xiu felt more and more uncomfortable.

And at the same time, she felt more and more jealous. Why did Sang Ran always have such good luck??!

Her face paled, and her fingernails deeply pinched her flesh. 

She prepared herself mentally, and then she called out, “Auntie…”

“Don’t call me Auntie.” Zhang Cui Xia sneered, with one hand on her hip, and she imposingly said, “Don’t always be uneasy and bad. If Sang Ran doesn’t marry my son, I will treat it as if she had just borrowed money from me.”

“I like this girl, can’t I? I want you to just mind your own business?! In the future don’t let me hear you say such words again, otherwise, this old lady will not let you go!”

Sang Ran was riding the bicycle with a relaxed expression.

Thinking of Sang Xiu Xiu, who was ashamed and angry by Zhang Cui Xia’s words, that she went out crying, Sang Ran shook her head. 

Her future mother-in-law was so powerful that she killed a small cannon fodder as soon as she appeared.

There were basically no people on the road at night, but it was dark and Sang Ran was a little frightened. 

She rode the bicycle very fast and rushed all the way to the hospital, sweating all over.

As soon as she parked the car, she saw a thin figure appearing at the entrance of the hospital.

Sang Ran hurried over and said, “Grandpa, why did you come out?”

“It’s boring inside, I come out to walk.” Grandpa Sang said with a smile. 

He wanted to take over the things in her hand. After being rejected, he didn’t grab too much. 

He directly took his granddaughter and hurried to the ward, “See you look tired, go to rest first. Grandpa is familiar here, I will fetch you water.”

“Okay.” Sang Ran answered obediently.

But when she arrived at the ward, she still went to fetch water by herself.

Grandpa Sang was worried that she was afraid of being alone, so silently he stayed with her all the time.

Although both of his legs hurt as soon as he moved, he could endure it.

Sang Ran didn’t say anything, just speeded up her actions.

Back in the ward, the grandfather and granddaughter drank the soup together and fell asleep.

That night, Grandpa Sang had a fever in the middle of the night as the doctor said. Sang Ran immediately called the doctor in time to get an injection, and the fever subsided the next day.

Early the next morning, Zhang Cui Xia really came to see Grandpa Sang, with Zhu Chang An.

At the age of nineteen, he could also be called a teenager, especially the youngest son of the Zhu family who was spoiled by the whole family.

Someone like Zhu Chang An was obviously much younger than his peers in mentality.

Because of the good family conditions, he was much taller than most people and had white skin. At first glance, one could say that he rarely did farm work. 

His eyes were not big, he had single eyelids, and the corners of his mouth were like a smile but not a smile. 

Wearing shirts and trousers like a progressive student, but was standing in a haughty posture, looking particularly evil.

At a glance, Sang Ran knew the attributes of the other party, a rebellious teenager.

If this was for later generations, maybe he would be packed and launched as an idol in the entertainment industry.

But in the 1980s, everyone shook their heads when they saw someone looking so good.

When Grandpa Sang, who always had a good temper, saw him, the kind smile on his face couldn’t help but recede a little. 

And there was a touch of disappointment in his old eyes.

Zhang Cui Xia knew about the attributes of her own son, she had to say that this son was really not worthy of a filial and well-behaved girl like Sang Ran.

It was really because of luck that she actually got Sang Ran as her daughter-in-law.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Zhang Cui Xia herself was a straightforward person, coupled with all the things that happened yesterday, she was now very fond of Sang Ran. 

Therefore, seeing her son still looking like this, she immediately slapped his head and threatened, “Behave well. Otherwise, you are not allowed to eat meat for three days!”


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