ATIVHE: Chapter-10


After tossing for so long, the sky was about to get dark soon, if Sang Ran didn’t go and come back soon, then it was estimated that she had to travel in the dark.

Even if Sang Ran was strong, it couldn’t change the fact that she was a girl, and it was not safe for a girl to travel at night. 

The two hurried back.

Grandpa Sang obediently sat on the hospital bed without saying a word, looking at his granddaughter.

A patient sitting next to him smiled and said, “Brother, your son, and granddaughter are filial.”

With a grin, Grandpa Sang said, “Yes! My granddaughter is filial.”

But she was a little pitiful.

Now that she had borrowed money from Zhu’s family, before entering the house, she probably wouldn’t be able to straighten her back in the future.

There wasn’t much he could do, he could only work hard to keep his body healthy and leave something for his granddaughter in the future.

But after going home, Sang Ran was scolded by her parents. 

They blamed her for borrowing such a large sum of money without discussing it with them. Blamed her for borrowing it from the Zhu family. 

If the Zhu family canceled the wedding because of this, then who would be at a loss?

Fortunately, all the borrowed money was spent. And it was getting dark and she had to hurry back to the hospital, so they stopped scolding her.

Even if her parents were unwilling, there was no way to bring back the money, otherwise, everyone would gossip and say that they were unfilial.

In the past, Sang Ran used to hate these high-sounding words the most, but at this time, she really had to be thankful for this threat.

But even so, Mother Sang said with a gloomy face, “This borrowed money has nothing to do with us. If you borrowed it, then you have to pay it back yourself.”

“Of course.” Sang Ran nodded.

Hearing it, Mother Sang’s face improved.

Before the darkness completely enveloped the village, Sang Ran pushed the bicycle and was about to go back to the hospital.

But after taking two steps, she was stopped by a slightly familiar voice.

As soon as Sang Ran tilted her head, she saw Sang Xiu Xiu running towards her.

With a worried look on her face, she asked in a strange tone, “Xiao Ran, are you going back to the hospital?”

“Yes.” Sang Ran nodded, “It’s getting dark, and I have to leave first.”

Sang Xiu Xiu hurriedly grabbed her arm and eagerly asked, “I heard that you have borrowed this money from the Zhu family. Would they just lend it to you??”

“No!” Before Sang Ran could answer, Sang Xiu Xiu hurriedly said, “You borrowed their money just like this? Do you want to marry him?? Zhu Chang An is a little bastard, are you really going to marry him?!”

Sang Ran nodded, “Of course, I want to marry him. His family is very good.”

Hearing it, Sang Xiu Xiu gritted her teeth, how could this be possible??

Sang Ran compromised, which meant that she had no idea about Song Jian Guo.

Sang Xiu Xiu was full of unwillingness, so she couldn’t help but say, “Do you have to marry him just because of this money? Let me tell you, he…”

Sang Ran frowned in displeasure, and interrupted her, “Don’t say it, I don’t like listening to those things. Get out of the way, I am leaving.”

Sang Ran didn’t like to speak ill of people behind their backs, especially those who had helped her.

“I mean it!” Sang Xiu Xiu stopped the bicycle, and raised her voice, “The Zhu family must have tried to tie you up with the loan, they are uneasy and unkind…” 

Before she could finish, a sudden stern voice came and interrupted her, “Who are you talking about? Who is uneasy and unkind? Why are you speaking so ugly at such a young age?”

A slightly fat woman came over in the dim light.

Sang Ran obediently called out, “Auntie, hello.”

Zhang Cui Xia smiled at Sang Ran, her voice completely different from before, “Girl, this is the soup I made for my eldest daughter-in-law. Thinking that you shouldn’t have left yet, I have brought it here for your grandfather…”

“The portion is large, both of you can drink it, and wait for me to visit your grandfather tomorrow morning.”

Sang Ran smiled and gratefully said, “Thank you, auntie.” 

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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