ATIVHE: Chapter-1


“How can you resign to your fate? That bastard  Chang An is unlearned and skill-less. He can’t support a household. Who doesn’t know him? Marrying him is suffering, he only relies on his parents. But we all know his brothers and sisters are so fierce, maybe in the next few years there will be no good things left for him.” 

The girl’s voice sounded slightly harsh.

Sang Ran was lowering her head without replying to a word. The white and tender fingers clasping each other, she was busy thinking of something.

Sang Ran recalled this was the fourth paragraph, the fifth paragraph will be said soon.

Sure enough, the girl sitting beside her became a little furious and pulled her arm in dissatisfaction.

“Why aren’t you talking? Didn’t I tell you not to play with Su Ya from the next village? Now see, your fiance was snatched away. They are about to get married and live a happy life. And here you still want to marry that little bastard?” 

Fifth paragraph.

Sang Ran’s gaze flickered, and she counted down three, two, one in her heart!

On one, the door of the room was abruptly opened. A middle-aged woman wearing a flowery headband and patched dark clothes furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Xiu Xiu, don’t talk nonsense. Xiao Ran must be married. You go, your mother is calling you.”

The lines were the same.

Recalling those lines, Sang Ran’s heart sank. Her back was strained, she had a defensive posture.

Sang Xiu Xiu felt embarrassed after being called out. Abetting a woman to resist marriage was not a glorious thing.  

Because of embarrassment, she blushed and immediately got up to go out. Before leaving she glanced at the girl sitting in the room, hating the iron for not being steel. 

Seeing that beautiful face, Sang Xiu Xiu’s gaze became a little envied. Marrying into a family-like Zhu’s was a good fortune, she felt a little uncomfortable.

But thinking about that stinky Zhu Chang An’s rogue temperament, her heart became a little more comfortable. 

Sang Xiu Xiu had a little gloating look, she said, “Aunt, then I’ll go back first.”

The middle-aged woman politely smiled and said, “Okay, come again the next day.”

However, after Sang Xiu Xiu left, the face of the middle-aged woman immediately collapsed. She narrowed her eyes, and coldly said, “Sang Ran, let me clear one thing. Don’t listen to her. You have to get married this time. I have let you win the Song family, but you failed. Now you can only marry Zhu Chang An! This marriage is fixed!”

Failed? Didn’t fight?

Sang Ran’s stiff body relaxed, but she didn’t reply to that woman.

Mother Sang didn’t see any difference, her daughter had always been obedient and quiet. She talked so coldly, so this girl wouldn’t be moved by Sang Xiu Xiu’s words.

Seeing the girl’s not replying, she felt the girl was a little uncomfortable, so Mother Sang softened her voice and spoke.

“I know you aren’t willing, but we can’t do anything. Even if Chang An is useless, his parents can easily live for another twenty years. If you coax him, everything will be in your hand. Besides, you are also so beautiful, in the ten miles there are only a few families who can marry you.”

Sang Ran’s drooping eyes were filled with a sarcastic smile. It was not that no family could marry her, it was about who could afford her.   

After speaking, Mother Sang waved her hand, and said, “Come out for dinner, don’t let others talk that we abuse you at home. For any girl, home is always the most comfortable place?”

“Yeah.” Sang Ran nodded. 

She put on black cloth shoes and walked out.

After going out, Sang Ran saw the house made of simple yellow clay and black tiles. The yard was simply fenced with two lively chickens in it.

While looking in the yard, she saw a few young people coming back. The oldest was about twenty years old and the youngest was about fifteen years old. 

Their bodies were covered in mud and sweat. After coming home, they immediately went to the well and boldly washed with cold water.

Sang Ran avoided looking at them, and simply followed Sang Mu to serve food and dinner.

Sang Ran wasn’t the original owner, and she was afraid that others would find out and treat her like a witch.

Somehow Sang Ran had transmigrated into this village.

In her original world, she died in a car accident. Before her death, she heard a voice asking her if she wanted to live again, if yes then she had to pay some price for it.

At the moment of life and death, Sang Ran was scared, so without any hesitation, she chose to live again.

When the pain disappeared, she opened her eyes again and found that she had come to this world.


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1 year ago

thanks! this could be interesting. so let’s see where the author takes it!