After Transmigrating I And The Villain HE

After Transmigrating I And The Villain HE [ATIVHE]

Alternate Name: 穿书后我和反派HE了
Author: Home-step Poison World
Genre: QT, love the villain, world-hopping
Total chapters: 61 Chapters
Translator: littleFlowerX


There have always been villains with miserable fates and terrible lives. To save the bad villain, the heroine would transmigrate and create a happily ever after.

1. Robbed of husband (80s)

Sang Ran was the female lead but because of some issue, the cannon fodder was reborn. She snatched the female lead’s finance. 

As a result, Sang Ran was about to be forced to marry Zhu Chang An, a well-known gangster of the village.

Sang Ran asked, “This is not a big problem, speak well first.”

Zhu Chang An cried and said, “Wife, I will kneel on the wash-board. I will behave well and I promise to never play cards, or drink in the future.”

2. The Housekeeper’s daughter

Gu Ting was the eldest son of the Gu family, but due to an accident, he became autistic. He was unable to communicate with others and was ridiculed by everyone.

Later, a girl appeared before his eyes and blocked the muddy water splashed on him.

The girl was the daughter of the housekeeper of Gu’s family, Qiao An. Seeing the villain who was still young and autistic, Qiao An thought about her gloomy future in which this young villain would kill herself for the beautiful female lead and trembled.

Qiao An went on a new journey to educate the villain. She snatched the villain’s toys and in a cold tone said, “You should always remember, the more beautiful, the more terrifying woman is! You shouldn’t get close to a beautiful woman!”

The young villain’s eyes turned red, and he pointed aggrievedly at her.

Qiao An, “…”

She doesn’t want this villain who didn’t listen to her words.

Just when she turned around, Qiao An heard a soft and timid voice calling her from behind her, and said, “An An…”

3. Demon Lord and Farm Girl 

Yi Heng was the Demon Lord who had defeated countless monks and turned the world into the red with blood flowing everywhere.

But, one day he accepted a disciple and his personality changed.

The Disciple excitedly told Demon Lord, “Master, I have cultivated a cauliflower. Let’s have a stir-fried cauliflower with sausages for dinner today.”

The Demon Lord aggressively asked, “You used spiritual power to grow vegetables?!”

The next day the Disciple said, “Master, I have cultivated two lettuce plants today. Let’s have lettuce rolls for dinner.”

The Demon Lord could only nod his head disappointedly.

{Chapters are split in Translation.}

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