AEBNM: Chapter-8


“Ah, don’t.” Mrs. Mu shouted in fright.

Fortunately, Miss Mu’s forehead only cracked a little.

She was weakly lying on the ground, totally heartbroken.

Mrs. Mu rushed over and tightly hugged her daughter, crying heartily. “Why are you so stupid?!”

Seeing Miss Mu was alive, Rong Da breathed a sigh of relief.

Mu Wan Qing looked at the crying Miss Mu and raised her eyebrows slightly.

It was worthy of being one of the famous beauties in the capital. With beauty and a brain, she didn’t want to seek death at all, the force of the impact was too light, and she lightly banged it.

Of course, she thought it was a good thing for girls to have some scheming, so they wouldn’t be fooled or deceived…as long as it didn’t hurt anyone.

The sound of a stomach growling came into her ear, Mu Wan Qing looked at the second brother beside her, he embarrassedly covered his stomach. 

Mu Qing Qing smiled slightly, took out two fragrant chicken legs from nowhere, and handed one over to him.

Seeing the chicken leg in his hand, Mu Ziang was stunned.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Mu Wan Qing asked.

Mu Ziang hurriedly replied, “Eat!”

Rong Da’s eyes flickered for a while, then he turned to Wu Dong Ming, and took out a list, “Mr. Wu, this is the list of betrothal gifts in our mansion, it does not belong to the Mu family’s property, please be accommodating and send it back to us.”

According to the marriage ritual, the betrothal gift was sent to the woman’s house before the wedding.

At that time, part of the betrothal would be turned into a dowry, which would be sent back with the bride.

No, half a month ago Marquis Hou had sent the sixty-eight betrothal gifts, and they were all good things.

Recovering those betrothal gifts was the ultimate purpose of this trip.

Hearing this, Mrs. Mu turned her head sharply and roared angrily, “No, no, the gift is already something of our Mu family. Even if it is checked, you have to check the treasury first.”

She would rather destroy those gifts than send them to the Marquis Mansion.

Rong Da glanced at her disdainfully, with annoyance in his sharp eyes. The Mu family was too ignorant, and they didn’t even look at their current situation before fighting against the Marquis mansion.

“Master Wu, a few days ago the imperial concubine said that she appreciates your ability, and she believes you will have a broader prospect.”

The implication in his words was a little too obvious, Mrs. Mu was furious. This despicable villain was shameless, “Master Wu, this is not in line with the rules.”

Wu Dong Ming’s expression did not change. He suddenly swept his eyes around the room and finally found someone standing in the most inconspicuous corner.

“Third Miss Mu, what are you doing?”

Hearing it, everyone followed his line of sight and they couldn’t help being stunned.

Good guy! 

Mu Wan Qing was actually holding a big chicken leg and chewing it with relish.

Mu Wan Qing, who was hiding in the corner and peacefully enjoying the chicken suddenly froze. Damn, why did they stare at her?

Forget it, that’s it, if they know they know.

She cleverly moved her body and kept the second brother who was also stealing food with her, behind her. Mu Ziang was not as courageous as her.

Mu Wan Qing generously picked up the big chicken leg and took a bite again. The stewed chicken was very tender, but not tasty enough.

Suddenly she missed fried chicken.

“What about dinner, Mr. Wu, it’s time for dinner, are you hungry too?? Let the kitchen make a good table for you. Our Mu family’s banquet is very good, the preparation started a month ago.”

Hearing Mu Wan Qing’s words, Mu Ziang looked at her sister in admiration. He was courageous like her sister.

When she gave him chicken legs, he felt that this sister was a bit strong but he inexplicably felt very happy, what’s going on?!

Wu Dong Ming’s eyes twitched, and his stern face was slightly cracked.

He was the feared deputy commander of the Imperial Guards, even the prince was frightened when he saw him, how could she dare to chat with him so freely?!

Mrs. Mu was already angry and seeing Mu Wan Qing eating without any worries a fire instantly broke out.

“You are going to die, how can you still eat?”

She was the same kind of person as old lady Mu, she looked generous on the outside, and mean on the inside, an egoist.

She bullied the soft and feared the hard, so she did not dare to attack the Imperial Guards but only dared to attack her.

Mu Wan Qing was not afraid of her, so she coolly said, “I will try to be a fully-fed ghost when I die.”

Mrs. Mu, “…”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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