AEBNM: Chapter-6


At first, Mu Wan Qing didn’t want to talk to the man in black, but after a little thought, she changed her mind.

“I think there are three kinds of results. One is that the whole family will be beheaded…”

Maybe after beheading, she could return to her own world and start over.

“Second is to behead the male members only and the rest can return to the hometown…”

“And the last is exile everyone which is the best outcome, so maybe we should prepare for it.”

Mu Wan Qing calmly analyzed the outcomes.

Exile was the most common punishment in ancient times.

Before she could finish her words, the children of the eldest uncle’s family started wailing.

Wu Dong Ming had seen her intentions, so he couldn’t help but feel a little emotional, “Continue.”

The name of the eldest daughter of the Mu family was famous in the capital, but he didn’t expect that the unknown third lady of the Mu family was smarter.

She knew how to plan for the future at such a young age.

What Mu Wan Qing was best at was making corresponding plans according to the changing environment.

She could be cowardly, she could be brave, and she could talk to animals and ghosts, depending on her needs.

“It is said that exile is more terrifying than beheading. The road to exile is a death road, and the place of exile is bitter and cold, where even survival is difficult…”

“However, it is better to live than die. If you want to live, medicine and clothes are the most important thing.”

So, she pre-arranged those things.

Mu Wan Qing and her second brother wore so many clothes, to deal with the clothing issue.

And after reaching the exile place, they could spend a few dollars and add some more clothes.

For convenience and practicality, Mu Wan Qing had abandoned the cumbersome women’s clothing.

The embroidered shoes looked good, but she couldn’t travel the mountains and rivers wearing them, so she put on boots that were convenient for walking.

Wu Dong Ming couldn’t help but look at her with admiration. Don’t underestimate these small things, they could be very useful in critical situations.

“You are very smart, why haven’t I heard of your name before?”

Not only was she smart, but her mindset was also first-class.

Even the third-rank officials would not accept the cruel facts so easily. 

She had not only calmly predicted the future in advance, but also prepared for the next step.

Facing the imperial guards who ransacked the house, others were frightened and trembling, but she calmly and generously responded to them.

Mu Wan Qing laughed at herself, “I’m just a little smart. I am more like a weak woman who doesn’t dare to take the lead, and tries her best to live her mediocre life.”

These words were too subtle, the room was silent, and they all looked at Mu Jin Yao.

In the capital, no one could steal Mu Jin Yao’s limelight. In the Mu family, no one could be better than Mu Jin Yao.

The second lady Mu couldn’t help but feel distressed. When she married, she knew that her mother-in-law was ruthless under her kind and loving face.

She not only suppressed the second room but also blocked them from time to time, in the name of filial piety, making them breathless.

In this glorious Mu family, life of their family was very difficult, like walking on thin ice. They have to be always mediocre and low-key.

Although her three children were mediocre, she was very satisfied.

Seeing the scene just now she suspected that something was wrong with her daughter like something possessed her.

But now she finally understood that this was her daughter’s real temperament, earlier she had tried to hide her excellence, and she dared not let herself be too good, even in front of her close relatives.

Her poor daughter, what mistake had she made to be born in her womb?

Second Master Mu was also full of self-blame. He struggled to make a living in the hands of his mother since he was a child.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Wu Dong Ming understood the meaning of Mu Wan Qing in seconds. 

She was the daughter of the second son of the Mu family, how dare she be better than the eldest daughter?

If she dared to take the lead, she would be slapped to death by the mistress early.

Don’t underestimate women, and don’t underestimate their means of killing people without seeing blood in the backyard.

“Then you are not afraid now?” Wu Dong Ming asked.


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