AEBNM: Chapter-3


Seeing the house being raided, third master Mu suddenly jumped up,  “It was my eldest brother who made a mistake, it’s none of our business, My Lord, please let me go.” 

Even the husband and wife who were originally birds of the same forest would flee away in time of the imminent disaster, let alone brothers.

So, he just wanted to save himself! 

The other people of the Mu clan who just came to participate in the banquet also desperately complained, “My Lord, We are only a side branch, we only communicate during the New Year and festivals.”

With eyes full of contempt, Wu Dong Ming sneered, “Everyone, don’t you understand the principle of sharing glory and loss in the family?”

These people would usually rely on the power of the third-rank official of the Ministry of Home Affairs to show off their power and make a profit. 

But now that something had happened, they just wanted to quickly clear up the relationship, how could there be such a good thing in the world?

The third master Mu who was the youngest son in the family had never suffered a bit of hardship. 

After suddenly encountering such a disaster, he was afraid and felt very wronged. So he couldn’t help but curse his eldest brother.

Wu Dong Ming’s cold eyes swept over everyone and with a terrifying cold, he said, “Are you dissatisfied with the emperor’s verdict? Are you resentful towards the emperor’s order?”

Those words were like a basin of ice-cold water pouring down from the top. The third master Mu was completely frightened.

He frantically shook his head and said, “No, no, My Lord.”

He hurriedly winked at his family, asking them to quickly help and say a few good words to ease the atmosphere.

However, everyone was afraid so they didn’t dare to make a sound even if they were going to be beaten to death.

Mu Wan Qing sighed in her heart.

Usually, the two uncles never stop showing their might, and now that something had happened, one was acting more cowardly than the other.

The eldest uncle was still immersed in the blow of the house being raided and had not yet woken up.

Mu Wang Qing could only stand up and respectfully bow her hands in the direction of the palace, “Thunder, rain, and dew are all grace of heaven, not to mention there is still evidence. If you do something wrong, you will be punished by the law. There is no resentment.”

Mu Wan Qing was articulate and calm as if she was the head of the family.

Hearing her speech, the Mu family looked at her in disbelief, as if they didn’t know her anymore.

Was this still the third Miss of the Mu family who was usually taciturn and couldn’t even complain when beaten??

Mu Wan Qing didn’t care about their strange eyes, her expression was calm, “However, My Lord, the emperor hasn’t decreed our heads to be chopped off, right?…”

“If someone kills anyone before the decree is made, I’m afraid that it won’t look good. There are always a few opponents who will be staring at you in this world, won’t they?”

Mu Wan Qing was taught by her grandfather, and she was rational and calm enough to try her best to make a living for herself even in the harshest situation.

Wu Dong Ming looked deeply at her with a strange expression.

Mu Wan Qing smiled at the man in black, then hugged her head and let out a shrill scream, “Ohh, my head hurts so bad. I am going to see Lord Yama, I will tell him the truth when I get to the underground…”

“By the way, My Lord, what’s your name?”

Seeing her performance, Wu Dong Ming’s face was almost dark, such a straightforward threat, such an exaggerated performance, this girl was really a talent.

Eldest Master Mu seemed to have finally reacted. He instantly broke out in a cold sweat and loudly shouted, “Third girl, shut up, how can you speak in front of My Lord?”

“Master Wu, she doesn’t understand anything, please ignore her.”

Wu Dong Ming ignored him, and became very interested in Mu Wan Qing, “Miss Third Mu, what do you want to do?”


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