AEBNM: Chapter-2


As Mu Wan Qing gained consciousness she felt the surrounding was very noisy. There were endless voices, cries, and pleadings.

“Wan Qing…Qing’er, wake up.”

Who was calling her name?! Still, crying so sad??

Mu Wan Qing struggled to clear the fog, step by step, struggling to walk towards the white light.

Closer, closer, a white light flashed, and she suddenly opened her eyes.

Hey, where is this??

What caught her eye were several worried faces, men, and women staring at her, who were they??

“Qing’er, you are awake. It’s great, you have scared your parents.” A woman’s voice full of joy sounded.

“Qing’er, what’s wrong??” The middle-aged man with a small beard asked with a concerned voice.

“Sister.” Two teenagers gathered around her, with red eyes, and called out.

Mu Wan Qing was at a loss, where is she?

Suddenly a lot of memories popped up in her mind. 

The memories of the past and present lives intertwined, and the amount of information was so overwhelming that her head felt unbearable.

Mu Wan Qing couldn’t help hugging her head.

Unknowingly she touched the wound, and the pain increased, but the whole person became awake.        

Is she transmigrated in a book?

Transmigrated as a little girl with the same name and surname as her?? 

Great Qi Dynasty?!

She didn’t remember this era mentioned in history books.

Before she could think more about it, she was tightly hugged by the woman, like a lost treasure.

“Qing’er, don’t be afraid, your parents are here.” 

One of the teenager’s eyes was filled with distress, “Sister, does it hurt a lot??”

Mu Wan Qing quietly looked at the four people in front of her and felt very cordial, this was her relative.

The concern and worry in their eyes flowed into their hearts like a warm current, and the feeling run deep into her body.

She seemed to have inherited the feelings of the original owner.

“It hurts.” 

Mu Wan Qing touched her forehead, which had been simply dealt with.

Her voice was coquettish and soft, with a trace of grievance, exactly the same as before.

Second madam Mu carefully wiped the dried blood on Mu Wan Qing’s forehead with a handkerchief and kept coaxing her. 

The other three family members surrounded her to comfort her.

Being so loved by them, Mu Wan Qing’s eyes turned slightly hot, is this what the love of the parents and the brothers feel like?

In her previous life, Mu Wan Qing’s parents died early, and she grew up with her grandfather, who loved her very much, but he was a member of a national think tank and was very busy.

And after her grandfather passed away, she had no family who would worry about her, and care about her.

The loud noises of rummaging through boxes and cabinets rang out in her ears, and she subconsciously looked around.

The room was scattered but not chaotic, the boxes and their content were on the ground in a well-organized manner, obviously these people looked experienced in home raiding.

The entire Mu family had come to the mansion to celebrate the birthday of old lady Mu. 

All in one pot.

Men, women, and children were shivering, and tears were streaming down their cheeks. The jewelry and accessories on their bodies were all taken away.

The whole Mu family looked like a lost dog.

Even the always dignified head of the family, Mu Zhong De, the former official of the Ministry of Home Affairs, had messy hair, dull eyes, and looked stimulated.

Ouch, is she transmigrated to the scene of the raid??

What a tragic way of starting a new life, a disaster. Mu Wan Qing silently sighed.

However, no matter how difficult the starting point was, there was no time left.

Countless thoughts flashed through Mu Wan Qing’s mind, she quickly digested all kinds of information, accepted the reality, and made a quick decision.

She struggled to stand up and said to the man commanding the guards, “My lord, may I ask, what is the emperor’s order?”

Hearing the question, Wu Dong Ming looked over in surprise, and thought— Is this girl a fool??

“Before the investigation, Mu Zhong De will be dismissed from his position. The Mu mansion is going to be raided, and the entire Mu family will be temporarily imprisoned.”

As soon as these words came out, the entire Mu family was terrified.

Even the clan was implicated? How many sins did he do??

Only Mu Wan Qing’s expression remained unchanged and in a calm tone, she asked, “That is to say, the charges have been verified, but the final judgment has yet not been handed down??”

Wu Dong Ming raised his eyebrows, and even the old lady Mu was stunned. 

Everyone only knew how to cry and beg for mercy but this girl was so calm, was it normal?

“Yes, Mu Zhong De, the former official of the Ministry of Home Affairs, is corrupted and accepted bribes, and was dismissed from office.”

As a third-rank official and head of the Mu, no one dared to ignore Mu Zhong De, one sentence from him could decide the fate of the person in the Mu family.

But at this moment, he was full of despair and helplessness.


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